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What is wet marketing? Wet marketing from the United States is a fairly fresh concept, in last year's professional media, "successful marketing," said: "Wet marketing" is the use of social software on the Internet to aggregate a group, and in a gentle way to translate it into the followers of the brand, give consumers the strength to encourage them to contribute and share content in a creative way,  Thus affecting the business of new product development, market research, brand management and other marketing strategy. This explanation appears abrupt and blunt, because it is too professional. Return to the common people truth, wet marketing is by virtue of the network to achieve humanized marketing. More precisely, in the age of the Internet, businesses have moved their businesses and services to consumers ' desktops through online shops.  Between merchants and customers, only 30 centimeters away, the two-way choice between each other, become easy and enjoyable. For home industry and internet marketing cooperation direction, the United States Lele Furniture Network (, Mr. Huang pointed out that the future of E-commerce will be an important business retail channels, the Internet and home business cooperation more and more diversified, the way will be more and more innovative,  This is also cross-industry resources integration and cooperation.  We have to admit that the era of "Command of the World" by the strong coverage of traditional marketing channels (television, radio, print advertising and billboards) is gone. In the furniture industry, too, consumers are rejecting and evading the world of information explosion. In this vast ocean of information, people begin to converge into a circle of familiar, trusting circles like small blisters. Now, there is a new marketing model that can penetrate these small circles, it is wet marketing.  It tries to re-establish a trust relationship with consumers by communicating this direct, personalized, and more approachable form through the community of the Internet. With the information fragments of the internet age, the Earth has become a village, in the past, the explosion of corporate propaganda has been outdated, from business-to-business to Consumer-to-consumer (b refers to shopping malls, C refers to consumers, 2 refers to the homophonic English nonblank, representing T O), the Internet's Wet property marketing is through Taobao, Alipay, and so on and other types of virus,  At each end of the impact of the consumer's eyes and desire to consume.  Who is your client? The largest group of Chinese online shopping groups is 18-25 years old, with a monthly income of 1000-3000 yuan, the next few years will gradually move to 25-30 years old, monthly income of 3000-5000 yuan, 30-35 years old, monthly income of 5000-8000 yuan into secondary groups. The consumption demand and purchasing power of these three groups constitute the mainstream market of electronic commerce, it is very difficult to get rid of the lower and upper limit of the demand of these three groups, so the choice of category and commodity pricing must consider whether it can meet these three groups. In addition, some services to the American middle class in China is likely to have no replication, because China in a long time will not have a huge real meaning of the middle class, do not forget that the most expensive for Chinese white-collar workers is not tax, but the mortgage car loan medical education expenditure, which is a PUPhenomenon.  So companies and investors who want to do high-end high-priced goods must understand that what they ultimately want is not a niche market with a limited size of think Sgt. "The Internet in China is severely fragmented, with high-income people in the one or two-line cities north and the vast three or four-line and lower-income groups below, whose spending power and consumption preferences/habits are quite different." The former is very red Sea but concentrated, the latter is relatively blue sea but dispersed; the former accounts for more than 50% of the sales of the consumer, the latter is the consumer-to-consumer of the world (the trend that the customer has begun to shift to this part); the latter is relatively low. Service which area group of enterprises according to their own strength election. But if you want to be on the scale of retail or high value-added network brands, it is important to enter and occupy the one or two-line cities.  "On the whole Network market prospects analysis, the United States Lele Furniture Network ( Mr. Huang gushing."  Honesty is the King how to guarantee authentic? Although online shopping has been recognized by many consumers, and gradually become 80, the first choice for the choice of shopping, due to the particularity of furniture selection, some people can not accept the net to buy furniture. The reason, first of all, furniture can not touch, secondly, information can only be from the introduction of goods and customer service introduction.  Some businesses in order to throw, it is the use of this, holding can be a calculated mentality, to deceive the vast number of consumers. "Beauty Lele Furniture net principle is for customers select furniture, we under any conditions, will not sell fakes, even do not sell parallel, cottage and other controversial varieties." We're not going to let fly mosquitoes fly in because we have to open the door, that's our bottom line. No fakes, so the United States Lele Furniture NET experience is zero.  "said Mr. Huang. It is understood that in the quality of furniture manufacturers audit, the United States Lele has always been to Ningquewulan, authentic low-cost for the principle of strict quality furniture manufacturers.  Since last year, the United States Lele control the quality of goods more stringent, through a series of access mechanism, evaluation mechanism, elimination mechanism and other levers to strictly control the introduction and withdrawal of furniture manufacturers. From the establishment of 2007, to the 2008 emerged, by virtue of high-end quality and quality service, the United States Lele Furniture network gradually become famous, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the United States Lele Furniture Network is a reputation all over the sky, sales performance also by leaps and bounds.  Beauty Lele Through the past few years on the internet to sell the accumulation of furniture, training a large number of rational and astute consumers, the United States and Lele to maximize the satisfaction of these rational consumer demand, and to the United States Lele Furniture net authentic, low-priced brand potential energy to the furniture store field extension.  How to use the Internet to nurture end consumers? As we all know, network marketing and traditional marketing methods have considerable advantages, no geographical restrictions, no time difference, 24 hours uninterrupted, without going out, you can marketing to the world. According to statistics, in recent years, with the rapid development of the network, the number of Internet access reached 400 million, accounting for about 30% of the total population, 2009 China Furniture ElectricitySub-business sales income of about 11.309 billion yuan, in the entire furniture industry accounted for up to 32.85%. Although the furniture industry is a traditional industry, but it is a necessary product of people's home life, so has been a concern. With the Shanghai World Expo held, people began to focus on low-carbon, environmental protection, the Low-carbon environmental wind also blew into the furniture industry. Therefore, there are many environmental protection furniture, many consumers are not very understanding of product performance, price. In the face of distributors, stores, stores in a relatively passive state.  Future market consumption is the main force, how to attract their attention is also a business marketing planning must consider the problem. It is gratifying that the United States and Lele Furniture network in the Internet marketing, E-commerce application of the hard work, the application of E-commerce enterprises greatly improved. Companies to use the network launched a large group purchase, online shopping activities, to fall into the sales of the furniture industry to bring joy. Mr. Huang said: "We can see the power of the network, in large and medium-sized cities, through the network media are organized group buying, this terminal consumption trend is more and more obvious, the cost of group buying is lower than the cost of marketing." In short, we have reason to believe that, in the face of the global financial tsunami, the use of Internet information means to carry out business E-commerce, broaden the sales channels of enterprise products become furniture industry in the future of the emerging marketing model.
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