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First of all, we should understand what is the meaning of the "profile" site:

"Dissection" is the meaning of anatomy, which means to reveal what is inside and deep within the business by revealing something.

"Dissection" also has the meaning of dismantling, through the dismantling, to represent the various branches and parts of the transaction.

"Customer" is a network of the world with the same movements and hobbies of the group collectively, such as blog, Granville Guest, wiki, change the guest, the puzzle and bask in the guests.

"Profile" is a new concept and new formulation, its meaning is like to reveal and study the internal situation of affairs, with curiosity and novelty, and like the network and through the network to show the people themselves.

"Profile" is a network of social networking platform, is a picture sharing community, its content to the main picture, combined with text introduction and a small amount of video, is "profile" of the platform to show their own. But what can the content of the picture be?

We are in the world, can be divided into two parts, one is packaged in the world, one is under the packaging layer of the world, that is, "Li" and "Outside", "profile" to show to the audience, is "the world inside", all the things in the world can be dissected and dismantled, "profile" is a display of transactional internal construction site.

"Profile" of the content, the basic can be divided into two parts, one is not part of the commercial factors, to show the interior of all things, to attract the content of the popular, the second is through the cooperation with the business, conduct a purposeful organized commodity evaluation of the anatomical section, which is a commercial nature of the content

It's also about consumer propaganda and PR, if the purpose of advertising and public relations is too obvious, the effect is likely to fall, if the advertising PR content and other common content mixed and intertwined, and is through ordinary individuals or units of the release, its value than normal advertising PR behavior higher, Because in consumer buying decisions, people around, the words of family, relatives and friends will play a decisive role, at the same time, the consumer sentiment that already has the similar commodity, will be able to buy this commodity the consumer to play certain sway function, "the dissection Net" the second part content, its commercial value is so.

"Profile" of the content of the source, to the Web site itself as a supplement to the vast number of netizens that is "customer-oriented" strategy. Through the site's own active guidance and publicity, give full play to the enthusiasm of netizens, through them to provide pictures, to practice the "profile" behavior, to explore the world.

3. "Profile" Characteristics of the content

First, the site shows what we've never seen before, these are the things that we are likely to encounter every day of our daily life, and secondly, it satisfies people's curiosity and novelty, and satisfies people's thirst for knowledge of the unknown. Third, it has the education and teaching function, it shows the content, It is a very useful aid for us to acquire scientific knowledge, to learn what we cannot learn elsewhere, and, finally, to cultivate our ability to do things, to disassemble and dissect, and not to be born with every human being.

The main selling points and highlights of the site are:

Look: The "profile" network shows what we have not seen before, spent money also can not see the content, and these content for us is a direct and powerful relationship, not only to our consumption play a guiding role, but also broaden our horizons, learn a lot of knowledge, understand the internal structure of many things and mechanical principles, At the same time satisfy our curiosity and sense of novelty.

The selling point is that it provides a stage for the business to display themselves, to enhance their brand awareness and reputation, through a naked propaganda way to show the quality and quality of their products, the impact on consumer purchasing decisions and buying behavior, will play an unexpected publicity and promotion of the way, I remember a few years ago, Beijing has a paint business owner to eat their own products to promote its environmental security, played an unexpected good effect. At the same time, the current business marketing means into the same quality and no innovation stage, need a breakthrough means, "profile" network can provide such a platform and marketing means.


1. "Profile" function positioning

"Profile" is a picture community, anyone who simply registered, you can publish articles and pictures on the site, browse and reply to comments.

"Profile" at the same time has a "circle" function, with the same interests and interests of netizens can be aggregated together to the topic of their concern to explore and integrate.

"Profile" has a "blog" function, users can show themselves, published articles and pictures.

"Profile" also has the "forum" function, all users can comment on a topic and reply.

"Profile Network" also has the function of online shopping malls, providing online merchandise sales services.

"Profile" also provides a popular tag retrieval function.

"Profile" is a content management system, blog, Circle, Forum and Mall as one of the Web site, and these functions are currently the mature function of Internet Web site application.

2. The value orientation of "profile"

The website not only provides the content of the new product, but also provides the "used" product content, and displays the product quality and characteristic in many aspects.

For individuals, the value provided by the website is:

Learn the new knowledge, to meet the sense of novelty and curiosity, cultivate hands-on ability.

Provides a new purchase guide that has not been contacted in the purchase of goods, a thorough understanding of the goods, and a strong feasibility statement for the purchase decision.

For businesses, the value provided is:

is a product PR innovation platform.

is a new product launch platform.

Sales Platform for new products

"Profile" by revealing things inside things to more fully reflect the value and characteristics of things themselves, for goods and products of the brand, through the display of the interior of the structure and components, is to reflect the quality of goods and brand value of a way of expression, is a commodity "evaluation" and "advertising" function. Through the interior of the product picture, it enables consumers to better understand the goods, understand the materials and components used in the product, and thus deepen the understanding of the goods, and then make the purchase decision, this principle and many of the current IT evaluation site provides a similar function, but they are the product function and performance evaluation.

3. "Profile" Business positioning

"Customer-profile Network" in the business chain is a part of the impact of consumer buying decisions, the consumer's purchase behavior and decision-making to the staff and about the role.

The website through the cooperation with the merchant, may the merchant's public relations meaning expression through the picture form display, the website is quite with the merchant's advertisement soft article release platform.

At the same time, for web entrepreneurs, by browsing the relevant content of the site, in advance contact and understand the content of their interests, and these content is not available before the channel to buy goods in time will not be obtained, because the purchase of goods, will be less likely to dissect.

and "Profile" will also show a content is the consumer has consumed a certain period of the content of goods, this part of the content of the consumer's purchase decision will be more powerful, because the road horse horsepower, consumers buy most of the goods are used for long-term consumption, time is one of the important indicators of quality inspection, "Customer-profile Network" This part of the content, there is no doubt that the quality of goods to play a erudite, the consumer is undoubtedly a reassuring, of course, this part of the content can also cooperate with the Merchant to organize and publish.

Iii. Columns and contents

The content of the Web site is a combination of graphics and text, showing the inner form of all things, so the site's columns and content can be set according to the classification of things, this is a main line. Then you can put some main push and hot things as the main line of the Pearl to carry out the show, to the point of the combination of surface.

In addition, you can also set up a number of columns of the nature of the column, such as click Ranking, the latest release ranking, the most reviews ranking and so on.

Iv. Community Maintenance

Website maintenance mainly includes information maintenance, member maintenance, system maintenance and data maintenance.

Information maintenance, including the site's own editors daily information update work, the initial site can hire part-time staff to carry out information collection and collation work, to pay the amount of money, so that can save costs, the site's staff will focus on the first-hand information release and customer development and public relations publicity work. At the same time, strengthen the information release management of members, actively delete harmful information.

Information maintenance also includes actively listen to members of the views and suggestions, pay attention to the trend of Internet development and trends, the content of the site to be revised, and actively add new content and form.

Website member maintenance is mainly reflected in the positive response and feedback to the member registration, to the member publishes the work the reply and the appraisal, the top and outstanding outstanding work and so on behavior, the goal in with strengthens the member the sense of belonging and the identity, with the member carries on the psychological communication and the exchange, attracts the member to participate in the website construction.

The system maintenance mainly carries on the website the Backstage management, the page template and the member authority, the column setup and so on work, maintains the website information the renewal and the member enthusiasm, the browsing normal and the communication unobstructed.

Database maintenance mainly strengthens the database backup work, the implementation day backup mechanism.

V. Community release and Promotion

1. Market Promotion Audience Analysis

"Profile" is a picture community, so entrepreneurs should know, the audience mainly young people, the courage to accept new ideas and things, have a certain economic base, hands-on ability, dare to show their own, the network more familiar with the Internet time to ensure that the crowd.

2. Marketing Strategy

In the website operation promotion early stage, fully adopts those cost very small, the effect is very big propaganda way, saves the cost.

Cooperation with other resources is a better way to promote publicity, can change the strength of others for their own resources.

3. Market Promotion Approach

A. Network promotion

Network is the promotion of the most important positions, most of the work to be promoted through the network, and the cost of network promotion includes only human costs, compared to advertising and public relations, the cost is very low.

First of all, the current image of the site is "profile" to promote the best places, most of the image site is the form of the Forum, registration and speech are relatively free, the visitors to these sites, most of them are people with potential consumer demand, in such a place for propaganda, the noise is very small, more targeted, directly to the final audience.

Network promotion also includes search engine keyword optimization and ranking optimization measures.

B. Blog promotion

Blog operation and promotion of the main model for the "profile" of the management staff in the domestic portal sites and industry portals to open blog accounts, blog, the main content of the "profile" of the introduction and advantages. The main purpose of blog propaganda is to set up a discussion on the mode of "profile" in the theoretical circle, and the process of the discussion is propaganda. Discussions can also include the use of speculation and belittle other models, and through the internal staff to help the message, so that the attention of the blog increased, while the "Profile network" received attention will also rise.

C. Forum Promotion

Forum promotion is mainly in the domestic main portal forum on the "profile" of the article and post, can be the site itself, but also from the perspective of consumers to leave a message. Including registration information content and personal signature can be "profile" of the information, this way of publicity is very good.

D. Message promotion

Message promotion mode is mainly in the Portal news message function published in the relevant content, this mode of promotion is not the main method, but in the event of significant news time, the news message function is a very good place for marketing publicity.

E. Word of mouth promotion

Word-of-mouth Promotion is one of the best ways to promote the effect, which depends on our own quality of service. If we provide a good service and are in place, then the people who accept our service will spread our service content to the people around us, not only our service content, but also the praise of our words. And people who know have established a good trust relationship, so its recommended services are also trustworthy, but also high-quality.

F. Advertising promotion

Advertising promotion does not need to take a large advertising model, we can plan some low-cost, but the effect of a good advertising model, such as a previous printer in Zhongguancun planning "you have multi-color" of the advertising campaign, not only to obtain a good publicity, but also the scene of the picture by a number of sites and individuals to reprint and report, Expanded the impact. And its cost is very low, what we do is to plan this kind of propaganda effect is good, the cost is very low activity pattern.

Vi. Sources of Community income

After the website is online, you can earn advertising fees by joining the Google Adsence program and the Ali MOM advertising program, but the income is very limited.

Web site in the online, the main source of revenue or advertising costs, site positioning is a comprehensive evaluation platform for goods.

Second, the site can also operate a variety of rankings rating activities to receive sponsorship.

The main source of income is advertising revenue, through the business pay participation in evaluation activities to give advertising mode to cooperate.

Second, in a certain period of time through the organization of various industries in the ranking activities of various commodities to obtain sponsorship of businesses.

At the same time, with the increase in the site traffic, Google adsence plan and Ali mother advertising program will be a corresponding increase in income.

Finally, through organizing the theme activities and gatherings of netizens to get sponsorship, expand the impact of the site. This article comes from the pioneering China

Vii. Community Advantages

First of all, the content of "customer-profile" fills a blank. At present, the picture content on the network can be divided into several categories: news current affairs, tourism nature, beauty personal, gourmet, home furnishings and so on, revealing and performance are things on the surface of things, there is no special to show things inside and expose the site below the surface, "profile" is to make up for such a gap, whether domestic or foreign .

The competitive advantage of "profile" is mainly to show the uniqueness of the content and make up the blank of the content of all the network pictures now. The current photo-store area and website, its content mainly includes the news current affairs, the scenery picture, the beautiful picture, the photograph, the traveling, the wallpaper, the food and so on, they show is the content which the thing shows, but "the customer" from unfolds the content to make up their blank, is a market segment.

At the same time, "profile" network of most of the pictures are original, which is very precious and unique in the Internet, which is also his important selling points and highlights.

In addition, the Internet development process has a "preconceived" law, this is not technology, but the preconceptions of innovation, an innovation, you first think and realize, you are the leader and leader, such as the hao123 site, he was the first to think of doing so, then there are many similar sites, none of which is successful.

In addition, we are professional, full-time, other large portal or picture portal, can only add a new channel, this and the only child and the tenth children, as compared to the resources and efforts to obtain different, the portal lies in all-inclusive, not fine.

Our competitive strategy, will be to take a mutually beneficial strategy, the first well-known sites popular, this is a good publicity platform for us, we can provide them with a number of independent intellectual property rights for the content of the picture to work together to build their channels, Or with a number of sites that do not have this channel to provide them with content sources to build the channel, the purpose is to use their platform to promote their

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