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CFP last week, the central government's new round of regulation directions, the developers, local governments and banks and other relevant institutions have put forward specific requirements, resolutely curb the rapid rise in prices. The first weekend after the new deal, the reporter visited Guangzhou market found that buyers wait and see the mood is strong, and the owner put has increased.  Industry experts said that the central new deal to regulate more than market imagination, the upcoming 51 Golden Week may be difficult to see the former prosperity. The News (reporter Zhang Zhonghan, Jin Yu) The property market last week ushered in severe regulation, the goal is directed at investment speculators. Not only to the developers to cover the plate and the financing of the listing and other stringent restrictions, but also to local governments, banks and related regulatory departments to put forward specific requirements.    Last weekend reporters visited the Guangzhou market found that the intermediary received the owner put has increased, investors have to throw signs. Guangzhou intermediary put increase policy suddenly aggravating, let a lot of second-hand housing owners some overwhelmed, in intermediary agencies put began to active. The reporter visited six intermediary stores yesterday. Most of the staff said yesterday to consult the owners of put more than usual. "After the introduction of the new regulatory policy yesterday, the owners consulted a lot more."  An intermediary worker at Kang Road told reporters. Zhongshan Road, the property consultant also told reporters that the two days of owners put are many, "is not the investors are not afraid to say, but this is certainly affected by the policy."  "The Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai speculators selling the market after the government to control the heavy blow, the price of the first-tier cities have risen rapidly since last year.  Beijing North Three ring a project recently appeared a large single sell-off, a Zhejiang fried tenant one-time throw more than 20 sets of listings, the total price of nearly 130 million yuan, the average unit price of nearly 40,000/square meters. It is reported that the smell-sensitive Shenzhen Investors also joined the ranks of the cast, and some investors hang out hundreds of homes for sale. "High volume, this is the typical market for dealer shipments!" "Zhongyuan Real Estate personage said, Shenzhen March second-hand housing turnover is as high as 1.8195 million square meters, compared to February turnover area soared 467.42%."  In Shanghai, there are institutions to sell nearly hundred suites, a single set of total price close to tens of millions, the total amount of up to hundreds of millions of yuan.  Some developers in Hangzhou are also starting to act as the price vane of the west of Hangzhou, the Yao Jiangwending court, in a week house prices "diving" 500,000 yuan.  Last week, the central government issued a series of regulation of property market policy commodity housing prices too high, rising too fast, the supply of tension in the region, commercial banks can be based on the risk situation, suspend the purchase of the third set of housing loans and above, for those who can not provide more than 1 years of local tax certificates  For the purchase of the first set of housing and the building area of 90 square meters above the family, the proportion of loans to the first payment shall not be less than 30%, the loan to buy a second housing households, the proportion of loans to the first payment shall not be less than 50%, the loan rate shall not be less than 1.1 times times Speeding up research and making rational guide of personal housing eliminationTax policy that regulates the income of individual real estate.  Future forecast property market 51 Golden Week "market" or fall through some analysts said that the policy was suddenly introduced, so that developers unprepared, is expected this year's 51 Golden Week will become a depression week. Real Estate marketing expert Yifeng that before the policy of weak control, the new deal "more flowering", concentrated firepower against high housing prices, "there is no doubt the formation of a multiple blow to the Guangzhou property market, developers not only face the pressure of the new policy, but also face the expected decline in housing prices, the policy is basically not allow developers to have the Not only to increase land supply, but also to limit the demand for home purchase, but also to the developers to finance the listing also set a heavy threshold. "But he is also worried that the actual implementation of the New deal, may be wrong to kill most of Guangzhou really need to buy the improvement and home buyers," the property market into a new wait-and-see period, or even 51 gold week market into a depression week. If the new deal once the local government and the bank and related parts of tacit understanding with strict implementation, Guangzhou house prices may fall 10%~30%. "Yifeng also believes that under the new Deal deterrence, because of fear of falling prices, some investors will panic, and even a large number of centralized selling." The owners who have bought a new disk may ask the developer to check out the deposit, "may trigger a check-out tide, especially in the primary housing market." "(Zhang Zhonghan)
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