New domain name series: gradually popular network "Gao" and "Jie"

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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

Chinese phonetic culture has a long history, the combination of Chinese characters, a variety of changes, a common pinyin, Chinese-language combination of words, such as High Street network acquisition and enable the "High Street" double spell domain name,gaojie In addition to the high street pinyin, but also noble, Gao, Gaozhe and other Chinese character combinations, Recently domain name has become the industry's hot spots, set off the "Gao" and "Jie" two series of domain name hot.

High "Gao" series under those domain names


US group buy giant Groupon China Station- High-PEER network domain name earlier in the industry uproar, domain name is its acquisition, the rumored domain name transaction price of 980,000 yuan, double spell Gaopeng is a Groupon homophonic, in addition, Gao Peng Word or take the word "packed" idiom, domain name is more well-known, domain name registration in July 2001, has been 10 years of registered history, have been registered.


Recent concern is CAI wins the high street double spell domain name, the domain name combination of diversity, domain name registration in April 2002, Gaojie This prefix seems to be very optimistic, the current high street fashion network holding, and other domain names, "gaojie100" series of domain names were registered in June.


"Gao" series domain name in the game field also has dabbled in, such as online typing master platform use is "master" double spell domain name, domain name registered in 2003, Master of course is a very high value, the current master Gaoshou suffix. cn/, etc. have been registered, more for the domain name enthusiasts hold.


Cultural field and education industry can also see the "Gao" figure, such as learning and think Group's college Entrance Examination Education website, climatic Culture Company official website domain name, "Gao" domain name application is very strong, in other lines can also be seen, Suzhou Peak Starch technology company, Zhenjiang Gaoguan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., foreign work network, video network, high time bidding platform, Foreign website and so on.

In addition to the phonetic domain name, the "GAO" series there are other combinations, "Gao" and digital partner type, such as the Movie Network, the domain name was registered in August 2010, the registration time is shorter. English combination, the French network watch platform domain name, this domain name can also be split into "Bruce Gao", can be regarded as "Gao" combination, domain name registration in 2008.

Street "Jie" Domain name rise wide Application


The rise of domestic social networking sites, set off a share of related domain name boom, not surprisingly! Jie "domain name also extends the tentacles to the social area, the LBS sign in the way the street side net opens is" Jie "series domain name, domain name to have the street" the Jie ", lets each place big different street user can sign in at any time, this domain name creativity is also very good, Domain registration will be April 2010.

"Beauty Street" Three spell domain name to 50,000 yuan to beat the price in the easy name Chinese platform knot clap, the buyer is nine Days Technology Co., Ltd., as a beauty street phonetic domain name, with a strong business network shopping industry characteristics, domain name in 2010 registration, registration time is short, Lirenjie other mainstream domain name has been registered.

Google Street View launched in the industry has caused concern "jiejing" phonetic domain name, jiejing can be used as "Street View" double Spell, or "shortcut" Pinyin, the current as a shortcut net official name, the domain name registered in May 2004, also into others in the bag of things.


Group buying field "Jie" domain name also to join the fun, market group buying network, the domain name registered in 2003, there are 8 years of registration, in addition, "Jie" domain name in other industries also have applications, Jinjiang Jeren Shoes Material Co., Ltd. & Jeren group, other related combinations of domain names are registered, such as, and so on.


Pinyin for the enterprise attractive, "Jie" in addition to the "Street" pinyin, or "jay" Pinyin, the current Jie single spell domain name as the official website of the brand name, the domain name in 1999 registered, so far has 12 years of registration time, the current and other domain names have been registered, which registered in 1997 domain name has been built station use.


The United States the largest marriage information platform the knot landed in China, using the "Jie" series of domain name launched the "Love Web" wedding site, not "Jie" is "knot" This Chinese characters, I homophonic to "Love", "Jie" is married knot, the marriage information point to the obvious, domain name was registered in October 2005. In addition, there is a combination of English words, such as Software Street Platform website domain name

Enterprises and domain enthusiasts choose domain names have their own views, at present, "Gao" and "Jie" These two types of domain names in the country in fact, most have registered, "Gao" series, the More "high" is a high-profile high friends, college entrance examination and High street, with the increase in market demand, the parties to the two domain name application will be increased, Especially optimistic about the type of phonetic domain name combination.

High Street net acquisition Gaojie double spell domain name sellers Department CAI wins

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