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Recently, the new popular social app has joined a first question-and-answer community "ask," by asking, users can initiate questions anytime, anywhere, and get answers from netizens. According to the letter, ask questions in addition to solve problems, but also through the question and answer behavior to form the interaction between netizens. It is worth noting that easy to ask is easy to believe the first attempt to socialize with strangers.

The letter released 2.7 new versions, for "Ask a question" also carried out more perfect. Open easy to ask, you can see the page on the new "hot" category, all the problems in real time updates, users can quickly find hot discussion of good questions. According to the letter of the product owner, "hot" in the classification of the problem is currently easy to ask a question in the most popular topic, there are also a number of selected issues will be reflected in the popular, user-friendly in the use of the ASK function more quickly to find the popular problem in the community.

The new version of the letter to ask the interface

In addition, the new version of the letter to ask each question also added a small label, conducive to the user at a glance to understand the category of the problem, so whether the user in question or answer can be more logical and focus.

Easy Letter Ask "share"

At the same time, easy to ask to share the entrance to the full open, to support the sharing of easy to trust friends/friends Circle, Micro-trust friends/Friends Circle and Sina Weibo. The ability to share features facilitates the spread of good questions among friends, as well as potential help in getting better responses to problems.

In fact, this new version of the letter also supports the @ Friends feature, users can ask questions at the @ The current issue of anyone, to achieve the name interaction. Name-and-call interaction makes it more complete to ask about social behavior, including both friends and strangers.

According to previous media reports, easy letter "Ask" the idea originally from the easy credit households, for this letter, the Ishin product manager believes that, after solving the basic needs of communication and communication, if these problems are classified and reorganized, or they can generate new and interesting interactions between information and users, and between information and users, So that the way strangers can help strangers is realized on the mobile side. NetEase CEO Ding Lei also admits, "asks the question" is the network user most basic demand, asks the question and solves the question the person also can become the friend.

Easy to ask. By creating an interactive question and answer community based on mobile IM, the users can interact with each other to deepen their understanding and discover new friends. In addition, ask a full mobilization of the user's enthusiasm, in the easy letter of this mobile IM platform, ask the user in the process of answering questions, usually because of the same interest or the same place to form a social chain, so as to improve the relationship between the letter of the user chain viscosity.

Ask the mobile IM users to create a unique user experience, but also for mobile IM inject new development thinking. This year, the easy letter has significantly accelerated the pace of product evolution, the new version of the Ishin in the game, payment and other aspects have more action, means that the easy letter to a more diversified social network, to build their own ecological circle.

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