New fund-intensive issue can bring more than 50 billion capital to market

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The fund does not exceed 56.9 billion yuan, with the growth of the value of China and the Great Wall boom industry leading 2 mixed funds approved, since May, the number of new funds approved has reached 8, and it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the 1 Pure bond Fund, the remaining 7 are partial-stock funds.  According to statistics, there are currently 11 new funds in the hair, 7 for the partial-stock fund, and the other 4 are bond-type funds. Wind data show that the new fund set up by the new fund to raise the amount of 84.066 billion yuan.  However, according to the fund's share of investment in stocks, the Securities Daily Research Center statistics show that the new fund has been set up to the maximum amount of money in the market no more than 56.9 billion yuan.  Wind data show that, as of May 18, this year, a total of 57 new funds (the distinction of bond funds A, B, c), of which, the stock fund 19, mixed funds 9, bond funds 25, Money Fund 4. From the month distribution look, January, a total of Warburg Xingye enhanced income A/b, China to invest in UBS currency A/b, Germany's enhanced income 5 new funds began to raise, are bond-type funds; in February, a total of 17 funds began to raise, including 6 stock funds, 4 mixed funds, 7 bond-type funds The circulation of the new fund in March was unchanged from February and 17. However, the number of stock funds issued in the month is 7, the hybrid fund is 4, the bond fund is 6; in April, there were 8 new funds issued, 2 stock funds, 1 mixed funds, 2 bond funds and 2 money funds.  In May, there were 7 partial-stock funds and 1 pure bond-type funds.  It is worth mentioning that, in May, as a representative of the separation of trading funds, the evergreen Fund was sold out one day, with a scale of close to 15 billion.  In addition, this year, the amount of more than 4 billion to raise more than 3 funds, respectively, is the Agricultural Bank of the double Benefits Balance fund raise, silver Schroeder Pioneer Stock Fund and the leading enterprise fund. According to the 60%~90% investment ratio of the stock fund, the 44.098 billion-yuan raise amount will bring 264.6~396.9 billion to the stock market, and according to the 30%~80% investment proportion of the hybrid fund, 21.628 billion of the amount will bring the stock market 6.4884 billion ~172.8 billion of the amount of money in the market, bond-type funds to invest in stocks are very few, and even some bond funds do not participate in the secondary market of stock transactions, so negligible. So at present, the new fund to the stock market will bring about 329.48~569.7 billion of the market funds.
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