New hardware First wave winner appears: PICOOC completes 21 million dollars

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Absrtact: 13 began to heat up the domestic new hardware tide, finally began to appear the leader. New hardware company PICOOC recently completed a $21 million trillion round of financing. According to insiders said, this time by Tencent and Jingdong strategy, before the investment of the Gobi also have with

The new hardware boom, which began to heat up in 13, has finally begun to emerge as a leader.

New hardware company PICOOC recently completed a $21 million trillion round of financing. According to insiders said, this time by Tencent and Beijing-east strategic lead, before the investment of the Gobi also have to vote. If the news is true, this round of financing from the amount and investment side, is the latest in the past two years the biggest impact of the new hardware circle. Tencent's entry, is also very imaginative space. So far, Baidu Tencent 360 and Beijing east has been in the new hardware field, there is a deep shallow, different play, the only not too much movement is Ali.

Has been reported several times before Picooc, the company was founded only a year of rapid development, they are now the main product is intelligent scale correlation, can be measured a number of physiological indicators. In addition PICOOC with the sports administration and nutrition will have data on the cooperation, can provide users with more scientific health guidance. Correlation now shipments are about 10,000 per month.

As far as I know, PICOOC may be Tencent's first strategic investment in the new hardware sector. Why do you fancy PICOOC? Several possible causes are as follows:

Weight scale is a mature product, annual domestic shipments are good tens of millions of, the market does not need too much education, can quickly spread. Take the scale as the starting point, the chance of realizing the closed loop is very big. The scale can know your body state, accumulate the data to give the suggestion and the movement plan, after you have finished, comes back scales some, can see whether is effective. PICOOC team's execution is very formidable, the comprehensive strength is strong.

The new hardware is still in the early stages of development and may not have run out of the first lap. But, on a global scale, we can see that the Giants are really starting to enter, Apple has HealthKit, Tencent if in the micro-letter to add similar HealthKit function plate, I think it is very possible. The second half of this year may have to shuffle the first time.

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