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Micro Bo Ferocious, the current network popular micro-Bo Chao, short time but quickly overtook the blog several years ago. Compared to blogs, Weibo features more casual, like a large row, blog more like Western food, more formal. The era of fragmentation, fragmentation of time, the inspiration of fragmentation, more microblogging needs and impulses.

What can Weibo do?

1. Make friends (friends with hobbies and common topics).

2, Communication and learning (I have now developed a daily break before the thought of learning about others Micro Bo, is a fast learning, centralized charging way)

3. Network Marketing.

Network Marketing style features, Eric recently has a chart more convincing


4, the enterprise spreads the sound the platform.

An exaggerated metaphor:

If you have more than 100 listeners in your microblog, you're like a magazine, and if you have more than 1,000, you're the bulletin board; Over 10,000, you're like a regular magazine; More than 100,000 is an urban newspaper; more than 1 million, that's a national newspaper; more than 10 million, you are a TV station; More than 100 million, you are CCTV, more than 1 billion, that is the Spring Festival Gala.

5, Enterprise customer service.

Through interaction with the user to achieve the purpose of customer service, is very suitable for client services.

Share a case:

Twitter strategy: Best Buy empowers its "blue shirts" (the technical support team and all corporate employees wear blue T-shirts) to work together for their @twelpforce account. People can ask questions directly to the @twelpforce account with their Twitter account, and any best-buy employee can reply to the customer by @reply (the way Twitter responds to someone). and put their tweets (the information posted on Twitter) on #twelpforce (the way Twitter adds tags to information), answering them with a @twelpforce account, allowing anyone to search the feed of the topic they're working on.

by January 11, 2009, @twelpforce had provided more than 19,500 answers to customer inquiries. They also received a lot of feedback from their employees, with more than 2,300 people registering to answer questions.

There are so many advantages, Micro Bo Not fire is very difficult. 2010 Marketing Keywords and G point is: you meager?

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