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In the domestic mobile browser market, UC and QQ are undisputed two big mobile phone browser giants. But as the two giants sprint ahead, the slow Oupeng and dolphin catch up, as well as the expansion of the business of the traditional internet giants over the browser market, have become increasingly serious.

In contrast to the big head of the controversy, those emerging browser products more focus on market segmentation or differentiated positioning to seek breakthroughs. The up-and-down browser, which is based on the open source Web development platform Rexsee, focuses on the interaction and experience of mobile cloud applications.

Rexsee, as an open source mobile Web development platform, supports the rapid implementation of a standardized web development model and uses the platform encapsulation capability to publish WebApp as a native application form. In the up-and-down browser, these webapp can call the system native API directly without compiling, and get an interactive effect that is completely equivalent to the native application.

From last month's open test to date, up a-flutter browser has provided more than 1000 cloud applications, including mobile terminals and PC content transmission, user voice, text sharing, barcode scanning and other functions to achieve, but also support the direct call mobile local applications, in the browser to complete the call, SMS, installed the use of native applications.

Although many of the browser products represented by UC are betting on cloud application platform, providing more cloud application services. However, as far as the current WebApp development situation is concerned, it still fails to obtain a good application interaction experience. The up-Jump browser supports the ability to invoke the mobile terminal hardware function in the browser, and to invoke the native UI component, which is strictly beyond the traditional browser's application. And in this way the mobile browser market, perhaps the cloud application platform will have an impact on the future direction.

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