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Recently, as a classified information carrier-type website, "58 with the city network," CEO Yiu Jingbo said, first mergers and acquisitions "Community know-it-All", and then in Beijing million Liu, Century city and other hundreds of high-end community open led community advertising market. When the southern spring of the media turned to the Internet, the internet started with the "58 with the City network" began to move to the community, and the community classified ads as one of the most growth of the market.

According to the introduction, "58 with the city net" at present and "Community know-it-All" in one months to achieve the merger and integration, so that the circulation of the Community guide each issue has reached more than 300,000. "As long as community residents have mastered these largest, most accurate and most refined merchant and consumer information, the platform for classifying information is whether the Web is printed or led or otherwise, and they will share the greatest benefits in the Community age." "The land line of the Institute of Information Technology, Tsinghua University," said. He believes that the advent of the Community era, life tense, limited time, so that people's attention to the classification of community information greatly increased. Therefore, "community know-it-All" and "58 with the city Network" to establish a network and wireless customer consumption information feedback system to effectively collect information, in addition to guiding the user consumption, but also a comprehensive analysis of such information, it is not difficult to see the level of consumption of a community and its consumption characteristics, and these for the investment-ready business, is extremely useful.

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