New network stop parsing and It168 domain name contains pornographic information

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Oh Oh bubble January 5 afternoon news, SNS Web site and vertical Consulting site IT168 Today about 16 o'clock suddenly the page can not access the problem, stop its domain name resolution of the service provider new network in the connection with the Sina technology, said it received the Beijing Municipal Bureau of the notice, said the site contains obscene pornographic information, requirements to lock first.

According to Sina technology query, domain name information display, the current two domain name status for Clienthold (lock), a domain name service provider said, Clienthold is a registered commercial to disable a domain name the simplest means.

New network related people in the acceptance of Sina science and Technology, said the new network received just the Beijing Municipal Authority notice, said 51.COM, and other sites contain obscene pornographic information, require a new network to lock first. "Now we are in contact with the relevant parties, the specific domain name recovery time is not clear, now the global users can not access 51." COM and and other websites. said the person.

But 51. COM related people deny the "yellow" said, but that the domain name is locked "and the new network communication between the problem." According to its disclosure, 51.COM domain name since Shengdong East spends 980,000 to buy, has been placed in the new net, "2005 also in the communication aspect appeared this kind of problem, only then the influence is not so big." ”

51.COM the relevant person said, is currently communicating with the new network. (Tresichus)

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