New Nexus 7 vs IPad Mini-The coming one will come, who is better?

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The new version of Nexus 7 has been on sale, the compact device has 16GB of storage space, 229 of dollars is relatively attractive price. Compared with its previous generations, the new product Nexus 7 has improved in almost every way, and is a real Retina for Apple, which has been slow to launch the IPad Mini.

Overall, the IPad Mini has some advantages over Google's newest product. The biggest advantage is obviously the screen size. The IPad Mini has a larger screen size than Nexus and a smaller border. Finally, the IPad Mini is even thinner than Nexus. Of course, these advantages of the IPAD may not have a particularly big impact on consumer choice.

If you compare the performance of both and the screen display, then there will be no comparability at all. After running benchmarks it is clear that the IPad Mini has been defeated. It looks like the IPad Mini has a particularly strong competitor in the low-end tablet market. After reading this comparison video, you can clearly understand.

New Nexus 7 vs IPad Mini
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