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In the Shen can shares (600642, closing price 9.24 yuan) issue, yesterday night, the company again exposed significant positive. The company has made major oil and gas discoveries in the southern part of Pinghu in the East China Sea, initially proving that the area has more than 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, crude oil reserves of more than 1.3 million tons and condensate oil reserves of more than 800,000 tons.  Industry insiders pointed out that one phase of oil and gas field oil reserves 8 million tons, 10.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, in recent years for the company's annual profit of up to 800 million ~9 billion, the discovery of new oil and gas fields will undoubtedly become the company's new profit growth, in the performance of stable, low valuation background, the company's growth is worth The new oil and gas field in Pinghu, East China Sea yesterday, the announcement showed that Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company holding 40%, had made significant oil and gas discoveries in the process of oil and gas drilling in the southern part of the East China Sea.  Condensate oil reserves of more than 800,000 tons, but the above data is only preliminary detection data, the future of proven production is expected to further increase, which is undoubtedly a significant positive for the company. Public data show that the company East China Sea Pinghu Oil and gas field project proved 8 million tons, natural gas reserves of 10.8 billion cubic meters. The first phase of the project has been put into operation to bring the company a small profit. Especially in the 2004 peak, the East China Sea Pinghu Oil and gas field project crude oil production reached 318,600 tons, natural gas production of 573 million cubic meters, in oil and gas prices far below the current conditions, the year to achieve net profit reached 889 million yuan.  From the comparison of data, if the new oil and gas field in the formal production, will be the company's future profit growth to form a greater support, the company growth space is quite imaginative.  Distribution spreads favorable issue "this good is directly related to the company's additional and valuation," an industry analyst said, and the company before the issuance of additional investment plan is not to be underestimated. The main business of Shanghai Lingang Gas power Plant Phase I Project and Shanghai Cao Jing power plant, "big pressure small" new project, after the completion of production, the company will add 1.74 Million-kilowatt of the rights and interests installed capacity, compared with the 2009 end of the increase in the number of rights and interests of more than 36%, is conducive to the company to expand the size of the installation, enhance market share. With the characteristics of low pollution and high efficiency, the project of Cao Jing has a positive effect on optimizing the power structure, improving energy efficiency, reducing pollutant emission and increasing the safety and reliability of Shanghai power grid.  The construction of Lingang and Cao Jing is in line with the spirit of Shanghai Power Development Plan and notice on the requirements for the planning and construction of coal-fired power plant projects. The Government's support can be imagined, "the above people believe that, in addition to the company to release the growth potential, the public issue of the IPO price will also be sought after by the fund." Data show that the number of companies this issue does not exceed 350 million shares, the distribution price of 8.39 yuan/share. Issued to the original shareholders (all for unlimited sale conditions stock shareholders) priority placements and online, network madeThe price issue is combined in a way. After the close of today will be the registration of shares, the original shareholders can be 10:0.9 of their holdings in the proportion of the exercise of preemptive rights, to 2.89 billion shares of total capital, the priority of subscription up to 260 million shares. The original shareholder's waiver and the portion of the priority subscription which has not been allocated are included in the remaining part for sale on the internet and under the net. This additional online, the network under the preset distribution quantity of 50%:50%.  Online, under the net purchase date and under the net purchase payment payment daily average is October 15. Company related staff said that the additional coverage of all investors, the issue of shares also have no restrictions, in the established date, can be listed in circulation. From yesterday's close of 9.24 yuan to calculate, the issue price with the difference of 0.85 yuan/share, there are more than 10% of the difference. Analysts said that in the performance of the guarantee, valuation has an advantage in the background, investors actively participate in the issue or long-term holdings, the benefits should be good.
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