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Many just catenary on the shop sellers found, others red ship, their shop but nobody, how to do?

On ways to increase the flow and volume of stores, nothing but the time to grasp the release of the baby, the community more post replies, the essence of many posts, shop products have characteristics, more to do shop friendship connection, the search site to establish a connection, online shop service attitude is better, product quality to ensure that after-sales service to be in place, and so on, In this day also no longer repeat, because this is your Taobao open shop, the necessary common sense. Then, in addition to the above shop sellers must know knowledge, Eve's grass ring remind you to open shop online also need to pay attention to what points.

First, shop novice sellers credibility difficult

Many struggle for a long time sellers, or one heart ambidextrous, but why more people will choose diamond sellers? This is the buyer mentality of the problem, so we have to seize this problem, in the beginning of the shop, the credibility of the shop quickly improve, the problem is most sellers of things, even if only 2, 3 a day, Is good enough, so to the diamond to wait until donkey ah, so we can take a tricky way, Taobao did not distinguish your reputation is in the sale of what kind of goods, so we can go to find some popular virtual goods to sell, or even a loss to sell, Because these virtual point cards and other items such as a few cents of the price difference and profit, even if the loss of selling, to tell the truth also lose much, in other words, spend a little money, in exchange for the credibility of the matting, not beautiful?

Second, baby pictures of high repetition rate problem

This problem is unavoidable, Taobao can be said to be a collection of various types of businesses, so that the natural sale of similar products are more peers, there will be a high repetition rate of the problem of baby pictures. Imagine in the vast sea of figure, you what buyer will be the first point your baby? So there is a personality, can be attracted to the picture can be said to be more favorable than the price advantage Oh, here will test our PS technology, may just do a beautiful border, you can bring more than other stores business opportunities, Forum to introduce this knowledge of the essence of the post is very much, we can go to search, as long as the heart, you can do the effect of being a standout.

Third, the online shop decoration

In fact, the problem is also commonplace, but I say something more innovative. First of all, I would like to talk about the problem of space music, many sellers love to set up their own shop in the beautiful songs, this original intention is understandable, but we should all find a problem, that is, once you click the category bar, the song will start over, every point must be so, to and fro, patience a little bad customer, must be annoying, Then you close your connection. In addition, simple decoration is necessary, creative and personalized decoration is certainly preferred. Here to mention the short address of the category bar, do not know Taobao this setting or how, anyway, this insert classification short address to use the picture settings. And after the map, remember to add your own watermark and seal, to prevent others to steal your hard work.

In fact, shop decoration is a very important issue, shop decoration of the beautiful natural people stop, more on the topic of shop decoration you can go to the net shop to browse.

Four, about shop recommend a bit

Many friends do not notice the importance of the recommendation, then I can tell you now, recommended position on the sale of the goods, or the probability of the buyer to see more than ordinary goods much higher, because many times, Taobao through the search keyword into the page, buyers can easily see the recommended baby and popular baby, The popularity of the baby is sold more, ranking the more forward, this we temporarily can not control, but the recommended baby is sorted by time, so, accurate calculation of the shelf recommended baby time, you become a major seller of the required course, here will be used to counter. Through the statistics of your store traffic peak, in the peak time to put the recommendation of the baby, after 7 days, you will see the effect.

V. About the so-called bad shot

Believe that most sellers, are very disgusted with this kind of thing, inexplicably connected to pat you a baby n times, but never appear, many sellers have adopted a complaint method, the mood is also extremely depressed, now I tell you, encounter such a thing, you change the angle to think, It's a good thing. First of all, this buyer may be a novice, do not know how to use Alipay to buy things. There are no chat tools like Wang Wang, this time, you have to do is to send the station letter, notify him as soon as possible contact with the shop, and then leave a contact, as far as possible to stay mobile phone, fixed telephone and so on, to grasp all possible business opportunities, perhaps for you to bring a deal more? If you complain about him, do you think he will buy it?

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