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Every reporter Zhang Minchanghi from Beijing "real estate brokerage industry management measures" the main point intermediary companies want to complete registration, requires a certain number, by the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Social Affairs issued by the broker's business qualification certificate.  Owners in the release of housing information, the need to sign a written contract with the intermediary, all the availability of information and rights and obligations are subject to the contract; The new rules will also set a standardized mode of operation for industry reference.  The imminent introduction of the real estate brokerage industry management measures, it is likely to cause a shock to the intermediary industry.  In a recent forum, China real estate valuers and real estate brokers, vice president and Secretary-General Chai Qiang to the daily economic news reporter, said the approach has been passed in principle, it is possible to be introduced in December this year. In addition, according to our correspondent, the new rules drafted by the Department of Housing and Construction will raise the entry threshold for the real estate intermediary industry, and the phenomenon of "unlicensed practising" will be banned.  This could affect the "rice bowls" of hundreds of thousands of real estate brokers nationwide.  For second-hand housing transaction flow confusion, cumbersome procedures of the current situation, the new rules will also set up second-hand housing transaction standardization process, "Yin-yang contract" phenomenon is expected to terminate. China Real Estate valuers and the Institute of Real estate brokers released a report that about 60% of China's real estate intermediary practitioners did not obtain the relevant practice qualifications, and the average number of years of employment less than 1.  Most people in the industry in the interview with this reporter that the new regulations, the introduction of the possible real estate intermediary industry a new round of shuffle.  60% of the country's property brokers unlicensed people informed the reporter that the biggest change in the new regulation is to raise the threshold of the real estate brokerage industry, this provision on the industry's impact may be "decisive." In accordance with the new rules, the intermediary companies to complete the registration requirements must have a certain number, by the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Social Affairs issued by brokers qualification certificate.  At present, Beijing's provisions are: as long as there are two Beijing real estate administration authorities issued a real estate brokerage qualification certificate. The person said it was more difficult to obtain a "national" qualification certificate.  It is understood that the above "state-level" real estate broker Qualification examination by the Ministry of Housing and Social Affairs organization, examination time is set in October each year, the number of certificates issued is very limited. Beijing Zhongyuan Three Marketing department deputy Gongping to the "Daily economic news" Reporter said that some real estate intermediary agencies do not do the qualification record, free from the industry association management, easy to breed a lot of problems.  For example, the Housing section management, as a result of no special supervision account, buyers usually directly to the purchase of the intermediary, in the completion of the transaction, intermediary may be misappropriated or even with money absconded. With the enterprise registration threshold, there is also the qualification of real estate brokers. Under the new rules, brokers without a practising license will be barred from duty.  And Shen Jianjong, director of the Department of Market Supervision, has revealed that in the national Real estate industry nearly million brokers, with a practising qualification certificate of only tens of thousands of people. "Either take the test and get the certificate or quit the industry." ”These people said, because many real estate brokers are low, cultural quality is limited, this rule may cause many brokers have to quit the industry.  At the same time, large intermediary institutions will usher in development opportunities, and a large number of irregular small intermediary may be eliminated from the market, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.  Beijing Real Estate Intermediary Industry Association president Chen Tongshun to the "Daily economic news" reporter, as a sunrise industry, real estate brokerage business prospects are clear, but there are still many problems, timely norms are necessary. With the development and expansion of the real estate market, the scale of the real estate brokerage industry is also expanding. Some data show that China's real estate industry's National service output value (commission size) as high as 30 billion, the next three years is expected to break through 50 billion yuan.  "Chain Home Real Estate" chairman Zohui told reporters, the current Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing, the first-tier cities, second-hand housing transactions have surpassed the first-hand room. Standard text crackdown on "Yin-yang contract" "real estate intermediary industry has no legal aspects of the provisions, to give them the corresponding rights and obligations."  Gongping said that in the legal and regulatory aspects, the need for a standardized system for the management of the industry. The absence of "standardization" is embodied in the various links of second-hand housing transactions. A senior practitioner in Beijing told the Daily Economic news reporter that in the case of listings, the listings provided by the owner to the designated intermediary were easily stolen by other intermediaries and caused the phenomenon of "robbing customers" (jargon called "cutting customers").  Individual intermediary even replace the door lock, thus "Occupy" this property. According to the people familiar with the situation, in accordance with the new rules, the owner in the release of housing information, the need to sign a written contract with the intermediary, all listings information and rights and obligations are subject to the contract.  At the same time, the housing information issued by intermediary agencies, the location, size, type, property rights and other important information must be clear. In addition, the new rules will also set a standardized operating mode for industry reference.  The above-mentioned personage says, the second-hand house transaction flow is cumbersome, the transaction link is complex, many intermediary company sets up the contract model by itself, easy to damage the home buyers and the owner's benefit.  Gongping that the standardized operation process can make the "yin-yang contract" and other problems occur greatly reduced frequency, and help reduce the transaction link disputes. In fact, in second-hand housing transactions, intermediaries may also become victims.  These employees said that for some complex property rights of the old House, the court is seized or not unfrozen property, and so on, if the customer deliberately concealed, brokerage companies only by the property card can not identify the title issue, easy to lead to property disputes. Chien said that property rights disputes are the most common disputes in real estate transactions, suggesting that new regulations give brokerage firms the right to inquire about property rights, thus fundamentally solving the problem.
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