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Absrtact: This headline is not SEO, but Mises (Ludwig von Mises) said: If an economist is just an economist, he certainly is not a good economist, and this myth (Myth) can actually apply in many places, not just

The headline was not SEO, but a quote from Mises von Mises: "If an economist is just an economist, he is certainly not a good economist", and this myth (Myth) can actually be applied in many places, not just economists, More than just SEO, especially in a lot of people things.

No denying SEO (Search Engine optimization/search Engine Marketing) This topic has been said to be less times, and this topic is more magical than flying saucer, like the people who have seen the UFO very few, But most people can say that, it seems that he has sat many times, and I also see a lot of this aspect of the practitioners, the title is hanging is "SEO Specialist/Expert" SEO operators, and even many rely on SEO to make money, but every time I listen to what he said all let me frightening.

And this does not mean that he does not understand SEO, after all, SEO is everyone can do, just do good and bad, with a lot of technology has a certain threshold is not the same, will do and will not do is almost a double stare, but SEO is like marketing, sometimes made to have the effect does not mean you do right, and even try to do when there is no immediate effect, At this time "Black hat seo" more easily in this field "cheat" to more money, sometimes I think the field should be to learn "nano" has a certification Mark Zhang Qi right, just on the experience, so that might be played worse.

The search for this field can be said to be the earliest discipline, library science is, the human through the way of learning to find knowledge, the answer to solve the problem can be "how to send curiosity to Mars" so difficult, or just like "the Noon to order that lunch" this question, although the problem is also difficult, Sometimes it is not possible to find out the answer by searching the engine or finding a better choice, at least not eating the same bento every day.

In the operation of SEO people sometimes see his company's products, the content of his site, but sometimes it is forgotten how users can find them is the real focus, not the dead version of the page, after all, the site is not made from the hi (sometimes also can), the focus is to show people, sometimes to ask not those who want to see, But what is the motive of the user, after all, any content, any product is to solve the problem, to meet the needs of users, in the operation of the SEO, is to help search engine to achieve our users and Web site content of the bridge, so this bridge is not our goal to pursue, but only methods.

On this side probably cite a few relatively new SEO viewpoint, estimate and is called SEO mk2, not SEO 2.0, in fact, SEO 3.0 have been written:

1. Users are not just looking for answers, they are solving problems, in particular, the user only knows the situation of the problem, and do not know the answer: many people think that the keyword is the focus, and usually set the keyword is product or content-oriented, which is often wrong, in the digital era when doing web 200, Found that many sites are the flagship of their own products and brands, but forget the user if you have used the brand to search, with this does not need to do SEO, such as Subway should not be the flagship of the submarine Fort, but "send out", to allow users to find out when the situation to find you, mining potential customers is the essence of 瓍.

2. The Web analytics tool has provided a lot of clues, there are even more external tools to refer to, should not just guess: have to deny the site operators are sometimes far away from the user, he only has his own things, and sometimes forget the user, which is seriously operating from the product is not a bad thing, but how users to the door? And the site already has too many tools, from Webmaster tools, Log analysis, and refer has a lot of SEO plug-in, a good marketing staff if not used or installed these Plug-In, almost failed.

3. We need to understand the needs of users, understand the problem, solve the problem (this seems to be a line of Robots): If you do SEO just do above two points, it is really seo and seo, the real operators of the site, should be through the user must seek to create new methods and answers to provide users with reference, Contains the content and the topic which has the help to the user, provides the other person's situation and the use condition to others to seek the answer the reference, even through such need to adjust own product and the content direction, after all, a website's operation is not wishful thinking, must find a way to close the user, is not far

4. The keyword itself is very messy, we have to focus on the common point: Although the end of the people are still accustomed to the ranking of keywords to examine, in fact, how to understand the need, it is impossible to cover all the possibilities, so finally able to catch only a number of major and direction, And these directions are the focus and common ground that the user will go from the top down, for example, the author, the environment, and each product itself is very independent, operating a single keyword and products, but often because of time and lose the user's love, but there are a lot of nature will not change, try to do classification and factor analysis, will allow users to constantly search through the engine to find your site.

5. The initiative to approach the user, not only rely on the search engine to help, to operate the source of traffic, is not SEO just: In fact, now search Engine very hard to find ways to close users, depending on different people, different devices, different places and time, different relations, Different languages provide different answers, and more importantly, different communities have different outcomes, so use different platforms to import traffic, interact with users, offer user answers instead of just promoting yourself to get a bigger audience, and not only users and communities will love you more, but also search engines.

Of course, we open SEO book, teach you how to make the right content format, let search engine love You More (search Engine friendly), so teach you how to do HTML, Lower Meta-data, fix Alt, and so on the surface of time, Although it will also teach you how to use the SEO tools, but SEO itself is a strong Domain Know-How can do, whether it is the direction of the site operation or SEO itself.

SEO is a site operating a big scope, we must be the site operating angle, the user's point of view SEO, relative to the SEO can also see the appearance of the site, so if only efforts to marketing but do not ignore SEO is an important link, or use SEO techniques to operate, And do not know the user and the content of the site to make links, are very easy to go wrong way, become seo just for SEO, this can certainly not a good SEO.

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