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I am a novice, now in order to experiment with some data to do a small station online, so far there are 8 days, now the 3 major search engine in the past few days published, to show you. The great gods can skip, just to make themselves a record.

New station QQ Space code log observation:

First day: Google crawl more than 10 times, Baidu No, Yahoo none.

The next day: Google crawling and many times, Baidu No, Yahoo none.

The third day: Google also handled, Baidu No, Yahoo began to crawl (23 times).

Day Fourth: Google (no count), Baidu 1 times, Yahoo (few times).

Day Fifth: Google, Baidu, Yahoo spider tracking situation.

Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp are having new changes today. This logging occurs:[25/feb/2009:03:24:26 +0800] "Get/categorys/qqkjflash http/1.0 5183"-"" mozilla/5.0 (Compatible ; Yahoo! Slurp; "[25/feb/2009:17:22:45 +0800] "Get/categorys/qqkjflash http/1.1 5201"-"" mozilla/5.0 (compatible; googlebot/2.1; + "

Before yesterday, Google only crawled my station sitemap and robot files, and today began to crawl my station specific information page, which means that I stand away from the collection and a step closer, today is the 5th day of the site online. Another Yahoo included two!

And the 5th day, Baidu today and no news, to all did not come, depressed. On the 4th day to climb a robots. Alas, Baidu ah Baidu!

Day Sixth: Google included 2, outside the chain 0

Yahoo included 2, outside the chain 6

MSN included 2, one of which did not know where to come.

Baidu came two times, climbed a robots and a list, it seems to have attracted the interest of Baidu, is now the 6th day of the site line.

Day seventh: Today's search engine's visit is as follows:

Baidu: 2




Baidu: 0



The 7th day of site online.

Baidu began to crawl the article list, the forecast has 3-7 days or so Baidu only included.

Day Eighth: Prediction Error! Yesterday, Baidu forecast 3-7 days included, the results found that I am wrong to estimate the efficiency of Baidu, today has been included in the home page 1.

The following list of 3 search engines included status:


Baidu: 1


At this point a new station on the line to collect observation completed.

Baidu 8 days or so, google6 days or so, Yahoo4 days or so.

The key is to continuously update the quality of the content that has been updated every day after online. I 211.html "> think this is more important.

I believe that after reading my article, a lot of friends asked Baidu in the end how long is included Ah, Google in the end how long is included Ah, is not a problem.

Author: kartal


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