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If you are a veteran, you don't have to look, nothing gold. I am also a rookie, what optimization, SEO do not understand. Only know what is traffic, what is included and so on. Recently has been in A5 to see others published a soft text, why others can write a point of original. Are you really that stupid? With this kind of heart, slowly also began to raise their own small 99.

Although there is no high education in large characters also know a few, the composition is also poorly written. But can also learn from the experience of some old webmaster, for has been used or can make sense. Then 22nd on the day on the Internet search on the site after the marriage, found not too much. So he registered this domain name (meaning after marriage), want to build a and after marriage related topic. The same day to put up the site, published a "marriage" after the false original article (because of their own stupid). Then to a few larger forum website to promote their own "original" article.

such as the update quickly Sina blog, Tianya, Baidu Bar and so on. To send a few original or false original articles (remember to add your link yo). Hey, the next morning a look at Google is included in the home page. See 2 hours of promotion not in vain, after finally have confidence. Finally, the content of the site is best original or false original is important, reverse link is equally important. I hope you will work hard. Do stand as a person, do not expect very high, just try. Thank you A5 Webmaster Network to provide such a platform for communication! A5 start!

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