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A lot of beginners after learning SEO knowledge began to build stations, for them, has been an armchair, and now finally to hands-on practice, so the enthusiasm of the building station is very high, but often the more so the more likely to have an accident.

Learn a line, do a line, love a line, this is very important, the enthusiasm of the building station is very high, this is good, may be someone puzzled, wondering why I said that the enthusiasm of the building station may be an accident, the following I to specific analysis and analysis.

Webmasters want to make their site stand out, but how to make the site stand out? This is to learn SEO knowledge, learned the SEO knowledge began to build the station, all this logical, logical, in some novice webmaster to build the station, in the mind of the invisible to the construction station theory words, Often do not know the actual sometimes different from the theory, just like the air has the friction, you in the vacuum to do the free fall experiment, regardless of two body mass size, the drop time is same, but in the real life, or the quality big falls fast, therefore, the novice constructs the station is still a bit naïve.

The novice stationmaster put all the SEO knowledge which oneself all learned to apply to the new station, choose a good title, keyword, description, design a good website framework, and then set up a good station, and then start to do a daily orientation of the SEO planning tasks, adhere to update content every day, adhere to the chain, for beginners, only know content for the king, the chain for the emperor, Completely ignoring the user experience, days of the past, as a novice webmaster, the beginning of the enthusiasm slowly fade down, every day with some webmaster tools to inquire about their site, but each time basically is disappointed, as a novice webmaster, no veteran webmaster experience, no experience there is no veteran webmaster of that mentality, Only a Shang, with a little irritation, see their site was not included or included in a bad start to their own site to find fault, but also began to doubt their own, today to change this, tomorrow to change that, Zooey Restless, the more such a failure is not far away, and sometimes advise the novice a seemingly difficult to listen to the word is, You would rather look at the new station yourself restless, do not go to the new station to change the title, keyword, description and so on. That's a very clear saying, that is the new station line title, keyword, description, and so on site framework once designed to fill in, do not change, these are the impact of the site's most important SEO, do not arbitrarily change, if the new station at the beginning feel bad, then reflect on their other methods have not done in place, But I reckon most novice new stations are not optimized to do the right thing, but their own mentality is not good, I do not believe that a new station on-line, even if not optimized, your original high-quality content will slowly let Baidu like you, and Baidu to the beginning of the new station there is a small special care, So everyone built after the station to maintain a good mentality, the state of mind to decide everything, do not randomly take their new station as a guinea pigs.

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