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New station just set up, search element engine not included, do not bring the flow, webmaster are first submitted to the major search engines, and then began a long wait, waiting for the search engine included, the webmaster is to send articles, update, on such a time passed, in fact, in practice, different stations included time is not the same, Some stations don't take long!

For example, a new station "site Navigation", just set up 8 days, but was included in Baidu, and keywords ranked first. Alexa ranked more than 2W, Google ranked 4th, the general new station, it is difficult to achieve this effect. "Site Navigation" is based on personal webmaster, seoer, website construction needs and build up the station. "Website navigation" is how to achieve this effect.

Publicity is important, a team together is a powerful force, and publicity. A new station can not wait to be included, to their own hands to guide the search engine, to see your station, first of their own station, content rich, almost, it can be publicized.

At first I did not know the "website navigation" This station, in the domestic friends to share the article to see, the article is very good writing, but also introduced this station, go into a look at this station have I need tools, such as keyword query tool, keyword ranking, site collection, are assembled together, feel very practical, on the collection, by friends understand, They are promoting this station, the idea is very good, I also through the introduction to join the ranks of propaganda, this is the soft effect bar, so I know this station.

Just started to let us publicize, I feel very confused and can't start. Do not know how to publicize, also read a lot of promotional articles. But I've never practiced it, and now I've decided to try and see if I can do my goal. To the IT industry Webmaster QQ Group, Experience Exchange Group, BD Cooperation group, as long as the group of Internet people to publicize the "webmaster navigation" promotion, let stationmaster first understand the actual function of stationmaster navigation. See a lot of people, search engine will think that this station is very practical, will come in to stroll, stand there is hope.

Also to Webmaster forum promotion, find some more popular forum posts. In order to attract the attention of all, we must write a high quality of soft wen, the article also with the introduction of webmaster navigation, with the connection, so that everyone understand this station, is useful to them, so that readers come in, that the search engine definitely into view, the site has traffic, but also by the search engine attention, a win. As long as people pay attention, search engine will pay attention to, the more people concerned, the higher the weight, is this truth. The faster it is included.

There is the exchange of links, and high quality, update the station to do a friendly connection, on the one hand, to see your station has no prospects, webmaster navigation are feeling very strong, many stations have made connections, so that the weight higher, included faster. Ranked first is also very natural, there is no mystery, need their own efforts!

Simple introduction of the promotion of the method, search engine is also included in accordance with the interests of netizens to judge stand good and bad, hope that many friends exchange, webmaster navigation is good, recommended to you Author: Li Xiaoxun

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