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There are many new webmaster for no flow and distress, not bitter brain. I tell you a shortcut, is to use a blog to promote your site, think impassability? Oh, I do not know the effect is so good, I just try, did not expect to have a very good effect, please see my thinking.

Think about what station has the highest click rate now? I think if the pornography network is legal, then this website will have the highest click rate. I'm not suggesting you do pornography, it's illegal!

But it doesn't mean we can't take advantage of this topic, so let's use this topic to make a fuss.

I first found an emotional article with no relationship to pornography posted on the blog. Notice why you use blogs? The way to do this is to avoid Baidu because of cheating and k your station, what! Blog does not have the flow how to do? Don't look down. My blog is also a new application, just said that the article and pornographic relationship of the article posted to the blog, it is necessary to do some article, first put your station address written in the first sentence. Add a bit of boot to the text, and then anywhere in the line and line of the article with pornography-related words such as: pornography, pornography, erotic and other words. What are you doing with this? Add this is to let search engine search your article. Remember to write the headline as a pornographic word, and be careful not to overdo it, or to wear a helping hand. I use the title "Pornography Net". And the same color that you add to the pornography and background colors so that others will not see those words, will not be revealed.

My new application blog, my article on the third page of Baidu show. The first day of traffic is about 150, and 150 will have 130 to your station. Think about your blog on the first page of Baidu Show, your visit amount is how much! You can also do some articles with your blog by then. Oh! I use Baidu blog, OK write these. This method is very flexible, specific rich can play their own, there is a good way not to forget to tell me! my QQ785596102.

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