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SEO is every novice webmaster want to learn to understand the technology, in fact, SEO is not difficult, seo you will, but you do not bother to act and pay!

Today and you share the following how I let the new station quickly right one day, let the key word to the first home page Method!

Below take my own station to give an example!

I just made a forum at noon yesterday-seo Webmaster Forum

This forum is included in the day, the second day right 1, included in the keyword 1. And the keyword went straight to the first, index 111!


This forum I want to do all morning, but only yesterday to give action! No more nonsense, go straight to the theme!

1, the first is the name of the website, name this is a very important thing, because users generally remember the site is the name of the site, this everyone knows! What's the name? First of all, it is recommended to choose a less competitive name, such as I use SEO home, the name is not a few competitive, and the name is also good, not so dirt, At least get on the stage!

2, the site's SEO settings, meaning that some of the site layout and some SEO title and description, are set up! General title is this set (article name-plate name-site name) or (article name-site name)!

3, content, content this is everybody knows, the content should pay attention to the quality! Do not hair, or the obvious meaningless useless users get no actual information of the article, that kind of useless, no good!

4, outside the chain: New station just on the line want to be quickly included, that go to the weight of a little forum to send out the chain! My station when the content is updated, directly to the forum weak Wen left the chain to go! This allows the site to be quickly included. My station is included in the day!

5, Nofloow, this some people may not understand, this Nofloow label role is not to pass the weight of the role! Some Web programs do not set the NOFLOOW tag caused the loss of the weight of the site to the distribution of the spam or the site set a large number of nofloow tags resulting in not passing the weight , the inside page does not have the weight. 80% of the site's traffic is from the inside page, so the Nofloow label must be set up well!

6, the Web page as much as possible to streamline, not too much sedimentation code!

7, the internal chain of the site! The inner chain is also very important, the inner chain is set up, the weight of the page will have a significant increase!

Summary: The site first to choose a less competitive name, and then the site of the plate AH set what all do well, as far as possible biased to the SEO friendly settings! Site layout good, to update the content of the site, the content of the essence is not much! Content released after the high weight of the site to stay outside the chain of the text, This chain is not a lot of benefits, outside the chain hair will only form a garbage outside the chain!

The above is my personal experience of building a station operation, does not represent the idea of everyone!

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