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Enterprise annuity, fund one-to-one households are also transiting securities recommended to participate in the IPO network under the new stock market Xuewen "category seventh" agencies are emerging-since the start of the second phase of the reform of the IPO system in the last year, the number of companies recommended by the main underwriters has surged to 682 times, Some well-known investment institutions are frequently recommended.  At the same time, Enterprise annuity, fund one-to-one and other transiting securities companies recommended to participate in the number of inquiries also increased dramatically.  Recommended new institutions up to 682 times the securities Times reporter from the list of China Securities Association disclosed that the second phase of the reform of the IPO system since the start of last year, the main underwriters enthusiastically recommended institutional investors to the association, as of now, the number of registered institutions has reached 682 times.  Statistics show that up to now, the original "Old six" inquiry object a total of 274, of which 82 securities companies, 61 of the fund company, investment trust Company 42, finance company 40, insurance companies and QFII 13 and 36 respectively. Compared with the ordinary inquiry agency, because each main underwriter can independently recommend the institutional investors, the industry called "category seventh" agency of the New inquiry list has seen a sharp increase. Since last year, the major brokers have recommended a total of 682 times.  Among them, a number of well-known investment institutions have been recommended many times, such as Changzhou Investment Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rui Hua Investment and Development Co., Ltd. have been many of the main underwriter's favor.  Enterprise annuity transiting securities companies recommended to participate in the new enterprise annuity, the fund one-on-one households have to participate in the securities recommended by brokers in the IPO network placement is also the "seventh category" of the cause of the increase in the number of institutions. Because the regulatory authorities suspended the enterprise annuity request for inquiry, this led to some enterprise annuity needs to be linked to the fund, insurance or asset management agencies, with the help of securities companies recommended to participate in the IPO quotation placement. A fund company involved in such a way, "the fund currently has a proposed by the East Wu Securities inquiry object Quota, the company's other products of the inquiry qualification is also recommended in the process." In addition, the fund households one-on-one and the securities brokerage business is more use of this method.  As a result, the list of new inquiry agencies recommended by brokers appears to be the figure of many funds, insurance and asset management companies. The list of new statistics agencies found that up to now, in 682 of the main underwriters recommended list of inquiry agencies, Wells Fargo Fund Management Limited appeared 1 times, Citic Securities Co., Ltd. 1 times, Banrishin Fund Management Co., Ltd. 2 times, Jia Real Fund Management Co., Ltd. 1 times, Ping An pension Insurance Co., Ltd. 4 times  Taikang Asset Management Limited Liability company 2 times, easy to reach Fund Management Co., Ltd. there are more than 13 times.  The participation of new institutions has yet to be improved although the proposed new body has reached 682, but from the current participation, the enthusiasm of the new agency has yet to be improved. In general, the main underwriter in the IPO will recommend about 20 new machines, but there will not be too many new agencies involved in the offer, and the number of new institutions that can be effectively quoted and eventually allocated is very few. According to incomplete statistics, the new institutions that are finally allocated are only Silicon Valley Paradise venture Capital Limited, Tsinghua University Education Foundation, Shanghai Han Sheng Xin Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaishi Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Certificate Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Albert Venture Capital Co., Ltd.  Zhuzhou daughter Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., such as a few lucky. Low success rate and lack of experience are considered to be the reason why the new organization is not very enthusiastic. As a result of the second phase of the new issue reform, the net placement also uses the lottery system, which means that even if the use of large sums into the effective bidding stage, it is likely to be drubbing. In addition, from the practical point of view, many new institutions have not been involved in the network placement experience, is still in the groping stage. "For example, we did not have a research effort specifically aimed at pricing new shares, a situation that has been found in many newer institutions." "A private-sector employee recommended by the main underwriter in Shenzhen, said.
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