New technology of opening 40/100gbe twisted-pair copper wire wiring

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Recently, at the IEEE 802.3 plenary meeting of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( ">ieee"), the conference approved a new generation of base-t interest solicitation requests ( CFI). A new generation of base-t will step into the research group phase of the standard development, the future direction is to balance the twisted pair of copper cable wiring to achieve at least 40G or even 100G Ethernet speed (GbE), this approval is the standard development process of the first important milestone.

Why is CFI so important? You probably already know something about 40/100gbe. At present, 40/100gbe development trend is good, but there is one point except-the 40/100GBE standard of the balance twisted pair copper cable is not defined; However, twisted pair copper cables have the largest installed capacity worldwide, and the maximum speed of the specified Ethernet standard on the balance twisted pair copper cabling is 10G.

Obtaining CFI approval means a wide range of industry support for the development of high-speed Ethernet technology on twisted pair copper wires. So why now?

According to my observation, the development trend of 10GBASE-T is increasing rapidly, and the market penetration rate continues to improve. In the past six years, when 10GBASE-T has become a hot topic, it has only made a small development, but the current market changes have given users a greater expectation of this technology, and I believe it will soon be developed rapidly.

Third-party analyst Seamus provides a "market situation" overview of 10GBASE-T shipments and expected growth. He highlighted several key drivers, including virtualization, cloud computing and increasing storage access, and said that several other factors would also drive demand for higher bandwidth, such as the advent of large data and the possible adoption of converged networks.

Some time ago, I published an article on the breakthrough of 10gbase-t technology-"the popularization of 10GBASE-T technology is no longer just an armchair." The article lists a number of industry-leading suppliers that have released a number of 10GBASE-T network devices, and shipments are also on the increase. The development of the 10GBASE-T market necessarily affects the IEEE 802.3 voters who make the decision to support CFI.

This milestone is also a good news for the users of the balanced twisted-pair copper cable wiring. I believe this milestone will encourage more companies to invest more in research and investment, and develop faster and better technologies in the media they have adopted or preferred. More research and investment in the new generation of BASE-T technology, optimize future product selection, bring more technical advantage to 10gbase-t current end users.

In addition to IEEE, the standard-setting bodies of TIA TR42 and ISO WG3 have embarked on research in the field of 40GbE balanced twisted pair copper wires.

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