New top-level domain concerns: ICANN says it is expected to exceed 2000

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March 30, 2012, reported yesterday, foreign media said, according to the ICANN top-level domain name application system (TAS) data displayed, as of March 25, 839 registered users to apply for the new top-level domain, and on March 19, the data showed 329, March 23 reached 556.

ICANN said the number of registered users is not the new top-level domain application data, each registered user can be allowed to request up to 50 new top-level domain names, most of the registered users to apply for the new top-level domain more than 2, to this estimate, the new top-level domain application is expected to break 2000.


The Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) passed the new top-level domain plan in June 2011, and any enterprise or organization could apply for a new top-level domain, a move that would change the domain name pattern of the Internet. Currently, Japan and Australia have more than 100 top-level domain applications.

The deadline for the new top-level domain application has already entered the countdown, in this countdown time, often the registrant will submit the application in the final deadline, therefore, the new top-level domain application specific quantity to be confirmed, but can predict TAS data display registered users or possibly more than 1000, How many new top-level domain names can be passed?

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