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June 20, the 41st session of ICANN Singapore voted to pass the new top-GTLD expansion plan. It is understood that after the new top-level domain name proposal was approved only one months, there are already hundreds of organizations competing to declare their own top-level domain name. Foreign media forecasts, the first-round application of the top-level domain name will be more than 1000, many of these brands to avoid peer bidding, not publicly submitted applications, but have been secretly prepared, it is likely in the first round of new top-level domain application of the last minute of the climax, the new top-level domain of the global "dark War" is more and more fierce.

According to statistics, up to now the world has been exposed to the new top-level domain name application of 123. Among them, apply for brand class top-level domain name 5, including ". Canon "(Canon),". Deloitte "(Deloitte),". Hitachi "(Hitachi),". UNICEF "(United Nations Children's Fund) and". Aigo "(Patriot), etc., community class top-level domain name 30, including". Gay "(gay),". Arab "(Arabic); Generic name class top-level domain 41, including". Music ". Film "(film) and so on; Geographical name class top-level domain 47, including". Africa "(Africa),". Dubai "(Dubai),". Nyc "(New York),". Roma "(Rome) and so on. It is understood that, like. Gay,. Car,. Shop,. The web and other industries or areas of the identification of the word has become a popular The Sur. The car domain name is valued at more than 100 million yuan. The web is likely to be bid for tens of millions of dollars.

In addition, there are many brand companies for the sake of insurance, unwilling to disclose the application intention. Josh Bourne, Fairwinds partner executive partner of the U.S. domain name consultancy, claims that because the application process is restricted and closed, companies are likely to keep their domain name application process secret in order to avoid sparking competition from peers. According to foreign media reports, on July 20 in the United States Internet Management Forum Meeting (abbreviation: IGF), MarkMonitor and VeriSign forecast that the first round will have 1000-1500 new top-level domain applications, of which Two-thirds will be branded enterprises, The share has reached 66% of the total number of application domain names.

In China, Liang, a market research engineer at the Institute of Communications and Information Research, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said the number of agencies participating in the application will increase further as the NEW-GTLD plan increases over the next few months. According to ICANN, New-gtld's first-round opening only accepted 500-1000 applications, and if 1500 applications were accepted in the first round, it would mean a fierce competition for the new top-level domain and a scramble for domain names.

In this regard, the domestic first to provide new top-level domain name applications and operation of the maintenance services of the million network Vice President Yingqiao Bridge said the competition is so fierce, on the one hand, because the first round of open applications for the processing time is only 3 months, once missed, then the second round of open applications to wait until 2 If Coca-Cola applies in the first round. Coke success, then there is no doubt that Pepsi will be in a passive position. On the other hand, as the consumer goods producer Unilever (Unilever) produces Dove soap, the world's largest confectionery producer, Mars Inc., produces Dove chocolate, and companies like this vertically sharing the same brand are more likely to apply in the first round for a preemptive opportunity, Otherwise, the value of corporate brand will likely suffer immeasurable losses.

In addition to brand protection, the new top-level domain name for the Enterprise marketing brought great business opportunities is also its unanimous optimistic at home and abroad one of the important reasons, with its own exclusive controllable top-level domain name will be the identity and brand strength symbol. The more visionary will be the new generic top-level domain name and mobile internet, cloud computing, things, such as the combination of transformative technology to imagine the space is huge, will be the birth of a lot of new business forms and business models. Therefore, many domestic and foreign institutions will participate in the new generic top-level domain name program as a major opportunity to expand the company's brand, innovative business development, Patriot applications for the advancement of the Internet of things. Aigo is the representative.

Industry insiders reminded that the domestic well-known brand enterprises are also facing a new round of domain name Protection test, from the opening of the application time is very urgent, must be decided as soon as possible to start the corresponding preparations to deal with the complex application process, seize the right to speak.

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