New Wallpaper theme will be released in the Ubuntu 8.10 Official edition

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& ">NBSP; Ubuntu is a South African national concept that focuses on loyalty and connections between people. The word comes from Zulu and Xhosa languages. Ubuntu (pronounced "oo-boon-too") is regarded as the traditional concept of Africans and one of the basic principles for the establishment of the New Republic of South Africa, which is closely related to the ideals of African renaissance. The idea of the Ubuntu spirit is "treat people humanely" (kindness to others). Another translation can be: "The world Shared Belief, connect everyone." "People with the Ubuntu Spirit are broad-minded, helpfulness, emulate, and not envious of the wise, because he/she has a modest self-confidence, and this is derived from the understanding that they belong to a larger whole, when others are hurt or die, when others are tortured or oppressed, the whole will disappear. --Archbishop Desmond Tutu. As a GNU platform, the Ubuntu operating system brings Ubuntu spirit to the software world.

The Ubuntu project complies fully with the principles of open source software development and encourages people to use, refine, and disseminate open-source software. That means Ubuntu is and will always be free. However, this does not just mean 0 cost, the idea of free software is that people should be free to use software in all "socially useful" ways. Free software doesn't just mean you don't have to pay for it, it also means you can use the software the way you want it: Anyone can download, modify, fix, and use the code that makes up free software in any way. Thus, in addition to the fact that free software is often provided in a free way, this freedom also has a technical advantage: when developing a program, it is possible to use other people's results or develop them on this basis. This is not possible for non-free software, and people have to start from scratch when developing programs. For these reasons, free software development is quick, efficient and exciting!

Ubuntu's window operations are highly significant. With extraordinary 3D effects. A soft drag will deform the window. Wonderful cube desktop rotation. Super Bright flame word ... This is easy to implement without the need for high-end hardware support. Let you enjoy more than any of the operating system has a gorgeous 3D desktop effect. In addition to the Ubuntu 3D effect has broken the conventional view that does not use, Ubuntu 3D set of shortcuts can quickly make the desktop switch, preview the global, display desktop and many other daily operation only in the mouse shaking to complete!

As the final release date for Ubuntu 8.10 approaches (October 30), it appears that the demand for Ubuntu's "radically new design" theme is increasingly hopeless.

However, new wallpapers have been added to the latest beta release on October 10, giving users hope for a new theme.

One months ago, Mark Shuttleworth pointed out that they had found a professional theme-making team, and that professional topics were expected to be posted on the Ubuntu 8.10 Official edition.

The Ubuntu developer will also choose two community-produced themes as an official theme.

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