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New Zealand milk powder from New Zealand North mentioned New Zealand, I believe that many people will immediately link with pure dairy products, New Zealand (new Zealand), also translated to NZ, located in the south-west of the Pacific, is an island country. The two largest islands in New Zealand are separated by the Cook Strait, covering an area of 268,000 square kilometres. The largest city in Wellington, the capital, is Oakland. New Zealand's economy is booming and it belongs to developed countries. 3rd United Nations Human Development Index. Buy dairy products, the world's best milk source or in New Zealand, so that the island countries have the world's most natural pasture, as well as the management model of dairy cows, strict testing standards reform our trust. As a mainstay of agriculture, New Zealand has the strictest standards of animal health in the world and is universally recognized as a country free from BSE and foot-and-mouth disease. New Zealand dairy products with its safety and high quality enjoy a very high reputation, accounting for the international dairy trade 35%. More than 93% of raw milk is processed into dried dairy products for export. New Zealand's North Waikato area (east longitude 174 degrees, latitude 37 degrees), more than 260 days a year for blue sky and Baiyun weather. This is known as the "Blue Zone", which is the Dairy Milk source of New Zealand's milk powder. Here has the world's purest water and pasture, is known as the Blue Zone, this is the first batch of New Zealand national level a milk source, here every cow has a lifetime ear card, scientific feeding, strict testing, so that every drop Ruyuan have evidence to follow. When a friend asks me, for children to eat the milk powder is what brand, I hesitate to tell them, is New Zealand's love Will reach, in New Zealand called Abid, asked a friend in New Zealand, the brand is still good there, in Oakland many supermarkets and health products sales shop can see, Buy is this foreign sales of the brand, food safety so important today, to the children to eat or to be very cautious, we have to choose to really good brand, especially foreign domestic brands. Trust in love and milk powder is not only because it is a pure New Zealand brand, it is because love must reach the safety test of products, multiple detection to ensure safety, in the purchase can also see such a test report, more love activities, into China's every can products and love donations, Love will reach with the Chinese Children and Youth Foundation cooperation. Care for orphans to convey love "of public welfare activities, only a strong sense of social responsibility enterprises will have such love, to carry out such charitable activities."
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