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Summary: News clients The biggest gold mine is big data. Each app tracks the reader's behavior patterns, with a lot of information about the reader's relationship to a particular content, which will create business opportunities, unfortunately not being commercially developed so far. The news client is becoming

News clients The biggest gold mine is big data. Each app tracks the reader's behavior patterns, with a lot of information about the reader's relationship to a particular content, which will create business opportunities, unfortunately not being commercially developed so far.

The news client is becoming the extension of the portal service at the mobile end, from content to platform, to the contention of user resources.

January 10 This year, the media commented that Zhang was too aggressive in the news client, when Sina editor-in-chief Chen on Weibo's statement is "No news client pure forwarding." April 26, when Sohu News client announced installed capacity broken billion, NetEase also reached 60 million users, the belated Sina also announced the palm of Sina's name is Sina News, the difference is this Chen Sina News client called the future star.

Why do portals collectively flock to mobile news-reading markets, Zaker CEO Leeson and think there are a number of reasons: first, mobile reading is a rigid demand, user demand is relatively large, and far from being very well satisfied; second, the news client as a portal business in the extension of the mobile end, as long as the portal business does not give up, Will not give up the mobile end; third, the streaming of user time causes the traffic on the portal Web side to drop.

Traditional internet giants, as well as new independent mobile reading entrepreneurs, will be the impact on the original players in the market, the current situation of these apps, as well as the potential profit model of the news client, is a few of the concerns of this article, I hope to understand the industry to help.

Three modes of news client

News clients can be divided into three types of content sources: UGC (user production content, fresh fruit network), PGC (professionals produce content, Sina, Zaker, Sohu) and AAC (algorithm produces content, today's headlines). Among them, the same is the PGC camp Sina, Zaker, Sohu play also have different.

UGC: Always tepid

Here the fresh fruit is listed because these content polymerization service providers only have fresh fruit to support a personalized custom subscription, including blog RSS, microblogging users, QQ space and so on.

China's first batch of science and technology sites, such as Keso, Moonlight Blog, maybe, the rise of the love of all benefits from RSS subscriptions, but RSS itself has not been able to become a big business. The reason is as Keso said: "The domestic portal model has been a large number of netizens trained to become passive recipients of information, most people would rather accept the portal information pot, also do not want to order their own." ”

Fresh Fruit was founded in 2007, began to learn is the Google Reder, the domestic RSS feed for the same time the catch shrimp has already fallen, fresh fruit also began to be interested in the direction of information aggregation transformation. Fresh Fruit founder Liang once said: "Mobile reading is on the one hand away from the money, is a Qingshui, on the other hand, this is a hard, long journey of the industry." ”

PGC: The Thunder

In the noisy times, a good content filtering service can greatly improve our efficiency, the selection of information gatekeeper is the main reason for the popularity of PGC service. But although the same is to provide a selection of content, Zaker, Sina (NetEase Tencent Phoenix) and Sohu Three walk is actually a different path.

Zaker do is the content of the mobile end aggregation work, they do not produce content. Leeson and think, personalized, according to user preferences and socialization is the reading tool three levels, so the new Zaker the biggest bright spot is more than a friend to share, toward "I read, I share, I discuss" direction. Of course, this friend shared the function of GR has done, and later for G cut off, and then two months GR will also become a history.

Sina News client does not take the aggregation route, own production content, means is the traditional portal content direct copy to the mobile end, at present in the initial stage. My only expectation for Sina news is that if it can be combined with the huge user base of Weibo, it will be too late for Sina to start and the product has no characteristics.

Sohu News Client is the main "subscription platform + Real-time News" two major functions, in the provision of their own news, but also invited a large number of media, to engage in a full media platform access. Thanks to its open platform strategy and Zhang's willing to hit the Money Shop channel, Sohu News client in the domestic counterparts in the first implementation of the number of millions of users. Of course, Sohu money to hit out more users for cock Silk Group This is often the industry, especially NetEase news users to spit slot.

AAC: The Star of Tomorrow

Today's headline is an independent mobile reading start-up, based on the user's social network data Mining analysis, and then through the algorithm to provide users with the most interesting messages. It sounds like a watercress station in the field of reading, but it's a prerequisite for you to keep it tuned. Although the current algorithm is indeed not perfect, but personalized recommendation is a big trend.

The biggest risk to today's headlines comes from copyright and data. Because of my professional relationship, I have been dealing with new media, at least twice, and they complained that today's headlines have forcibly crawled their content without authorization. In addition, today's headline social networking data is mainly from the microblogging API open interface, now Sina itself began to do the news client, it should be easy to pinch off the head.

Business model for news clients

In fact, the business model of mobile reading is very clear, is paid to read, the platform and content providers for the benefit of the split. Because the mobile reading user is the lowest entry, the demand is the most extensive, this market imagination space is actually very big. The specific mode of operation can refer to the beginning of the Chinese network, of course, this has to mobile Internet copyright and micro-payment of the two major problems after the solution. No one dares to charge users at this stage because it is tantamount to sending their own users to their competitors ' platforms.

China's Internet development has been a bumpy truth: as long as you have a large scale of users, cash flow will naturally have, at least there is a universal advertising. For users, mobile end screen too small hard to show the effect is not good, then you can consider the sponsorship content, to achieve mobile brand advertising and information, the combination of gentle into the consumer groups.

The Internet mainstream business model has four kinds, in addition to advertising and value-added services, there are electric dealers and games. Do not rush to the next negative judgment, micro-letter came out also experienced no one, and then constantly praised his focus and simplicity, now everyone is concerned about how it does O2O, mobile commerce and games. Micro Bo from last year after cooperation with Millet also began to show-wise instruct socialized electric quotient, now Ali shares must be a road to go black. Jingdong Mall also will flow from the game body, because Liu know jingdong hard to make money in the retail. I think as long as the user is eligible to enter the dock bar with a large user application, it must have commercial value, and far more than one. News clients do E-commerce, why not?

In the beautiful said last year, Mushroom Street on the road, Zaker also launched the flagship Fashion shopping window channel, but from his home micro-blog Most of the 0 forwarding situation, fear has gone. News client involved in the latest case from the Sohu News client, in its subscription center, the bottom column of the service section, which appeared in some applications: Amoy with parity, where guests, Tintin concessions, group 800 group Buy Daquan, the United States Regiment, film casual gourmet buy, discount shopping ... Amoy with the price of the subscription or even millions, it can be seen that Sohu has not simply positioned itself as a place to provide news only.

In terms of long-term value, I think the biggest gold mine for news clients is big data. Each app tracks the reader's behavior patterns, with a lot of information about the reader's relationship to a particular content, which will create business opportunities, unfortunately not being commercially developed so far.

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