"News Morning" Chen joined the millet mobile phone mode was certified replication failure

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1. Tencent Technology

Sony moves to cut job losses in China: poor business staff anxiety


Sony Mobile, the Japanese maker, has been caught in a storm in China, as its sales of Samsung, the mobile phone, continue to slide. The rumours that Sony is moving to cut its product plans and continue to slash jobs have raised concerns about the future for Chinese workers.

The latest news is that about four-fifths of Sony's moves around the world are aimed at China, and the Chinese authorities have given the phrase "quite a bit." With the reduction in the number of official workers, Sony Mobile will stop developing specific phone models for the Chinese market, which means Sony will offer the same products to China's three major telecom operators in the future.

2. Sina Science and Technology

Lakara: To make a big business out of community electric dealers


From 2005 to the third party to pay the industry, Lakara has been guarding the line, to solve the payment of user fees and credit card payments. But since the second half of 2013, community electric dealers have become Lakara's new business.

For Lakara is advancing the Community electric business, Lakara chairman and President Suntaujan not conceal their excitement. "Community electric dealers are the most exciting business I've ever had," said the veteran entrepreneur.

Lakara provides data shows that Lakara "Open shop Treasure" project more than half a year, the current national network has reached tens of thousands of, Beijing has a single city has thousands of Lakara stores. Weekend Big snapping and weekly orders volume up to 10,000 strokes per hour.

3. NetEase Technology

Five months did not return to Jia Yue Pavilion overseas to do what?


Media attention Jia Yue Pavilion Return, has been dragged and dragged. At the end of June, Le Jia Yue revealed that the pavilion will return to Beijing at the end of July, after claiming the return of September, but until now, Jia Yue Pavilion only appeared once in a U.S. film conference, only through the public relations team, by open letters and emails, telephone interviews in the media "blank" exposure.

and Jia Yue Pavilion for a long time not return reason, is always in the layout of the overseas strategy, then these 5 months, Jia Yue Pavilion have been doing overseas? What is the substantial progress of the overseas distribution of Lok-vision? Recently, NetEase Science and technology interview Music as responsible for the overseas business of the international division of the chief executive Morther days, opened the music as the overseas veil.

4. Sohu it

Ali platform diversified expansion test revenue transformation ability


Alibaba announced its quarterly report up to September 30 this year, ahead of Wall Street expectations before the opening of the early morning of November 4 local time.

As of September 30 in the quarter, Alibaba adjusted earnings per share (Nov-gaap deps) 2.79 yuan (about 45 cents), more than the expected 2.74 yuan. When the quarter adjusted profit of 6.808 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year, the growth of 15.5%, the income reached 16.829 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth of 53.7%, all slightly more than expected level.

Alibaba stressed in its quarterly bulletin that its earnings per share were adjusted on the basis of US accounting standards. Before the adjustment, earnings per share were RMB 1.24 (about 20 cents). The company said the adjustment was mainly due to the need to remove payments to employees of the corresponding equity incentive compensation and intangible assets amortization and other expenditures.

5. Phoenix Technology

Chen to join Millet mobile phone mode was certified replication failure


Starting from the ideal building, after 12 kilometers, 20 minutes, to the Qinghe multicolored city, the micro-bo no one knows the old Shen changed back to the Chen.

Lei is the one who is most nervous about this change. He said: He, in charge of the vice president of Millet television Chuan and Chen, after talking about the internet and the old Shen to join Facebook news, make him "scary", he personally went and Chen verify, the other said no variables, he put down his heart.

So, there is a special announcement Chen arrival. Do not speak double A, do not say 4 sales, do not talk about financing, only talk about Chen came. Chen as Vice president, in charge of content investment and content operation, Lei gave Chen 1 billion U.S. dollars as the first phase of funding.

6. Titanium Media

Uber driver earning 97,000 dollars in the American dream? Want to be beautiful


Uber, the company that shares the eggs of the economic model, is now being sought after by "subverting the originator of the traditional taxi industry". The company recently claimed that 97,066 dollars is the medium level of annual income for drivers of New York taxi service UberX. 90766 dollars has become the "golden brand" of the American dream and Uber most appealing to the Uber of taxi drivers. But what is behind this figure? What is the real situation that drivers are facing?

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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