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News, should not refer to "The latest event", the more accurate definition should be "newly discovered event". The latter's definition of news is being developed with the help of large data.

Trend-type news products based on large data

The so-called trend based on large data products refers to the statistical basis, the majority of reading, comments and attention to the news information placed in the prominent position, and thus form their own characteristics. NetEase, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other portals are in accordance with this method of news product development. 2013 a lot of news sites have been revised, which is good at the news sticky users of NetEase has also been revised. The new version of NetEase home highlights the ability to develop their own news. For example, in the middle of the added "Guess You Like" "Hot and ranked" and "Wonderful thread" columns, these columns are based on large data development, that is, the majority of users like news content appears, this is the low-level development of large data. 2013 new version of the Tencent home page, on the left presents the latest hot microblogging, which is based on large data on the micro-blog content presented. Open Sohu's homepage, its news column many key news is its sub-section of the hot news, its present popular video is also the recent hit of the video program. Sina is so, Sina because has the data collection advantage of Weibo, so can the fastest climb of the news present.

Statistical news products based on large data

As I've been doing before, the new discovery event is also news. By collecting a lot of data, and then through the probability calculation, can draw a series of conclusions, revealing the essence of some things, is also news. Internet companies are starting to try. Who dares or can make such an attempt? That's the internet company with the big data. Baidu is the brunt. Baidu knows on the basis of user's search behavior, developed a news product called "know Big Data". First identify a topic, and then analyze the subject, the Netizen's search behavior, and finally statistical analysis. Of course, there are social networking sites with large data sources. Everyone also uses big data for the development of information products, such as everyone can calculate personal social relations reports. Some media are also making use of public large data to make news products. For example, the video "UFO said", mainly rely on a number of statistical analysis of the data, and then presented in the form of video news. Statistical news products based on large data, if the topic is chosen properly, lively and interesting, can get a lot of user favor.

The commonness and paradox of large data news products

Through to the present big data News product observation, the author humble opinion, the present big Data News product has two commonness: afterwards as well as the big flow.

Afterwards: Whether it is the highlight of the hot spot, or the statistical analysis of the data, no one is in the aftermath, that is, after a lot of data has been obtained, the product development, so repeated. But we should guide, in the large data concept has not been proposed, large data mainly used in meteorological, geological hazard prediction, that is, the role of large data in the prediction, rather than after the statistics, analysis. If the role of large data is limited to the latter, then large data is not fully exploited. How news portals use large data to make predictions, such as predicting some news hotspots, and so on, need to be explored.

Large flow: The current Internet development of large data, based on the principle of "a minority to the majority", we only focus on hot spots, focus on hot, attention to the upsurge, for the minority, is blind. Many news kiosks like to call themselves new media. Since it is the media, it should be understood that the media has an organizational principle: transparent minority responsibility system. In other words, the news reports, gathering is not only to observe the hot or not, but also rely on the judgement of a few people. This principle is practiced by the international mainstream media, such as CNN and the BBC. This is a paradox between the big data News product development and the media idea.

The future of large data news products

What direction will future news products based on large data go? One is Sohu mode, one is Sina mode.

In the four major portal sites, Sohu's information content does not do the most outstanding, but the concept of Sohu video in the video site is called Advanced. Sohu Video has been trying a direction is: the use of large data for video content production. What topics do netizens focus on? What is the largest number of Internet users? What are their preferences, interests, and goals in life? Use large data to answer these questions, then pull out the key information points and add them to the video content. This is the role of large data. "Love Apartment" hit, many of these bridges, are from the network of hot topics and hot threads, of which more or less have large data in the play a role. "Where the father Go" is hot, because very long, watercress's parent-child group, QQ parents Group and many parent-child forum, gathered a large number of netizens, if can make full use of large data, this information should be summarized. In this way, such a program is not early, but a long time TV people, ignore. Although these programs are not Sohu video of the tripod, but Sohu Video wants to have the ability to produce such popular programs. In the Internet, also on Sohu video has such ability. This is the reason why I am optimistic.

When we talk about big data, we will definitely talk about Ali, and indeed, Ali can use big data to guide consumption and marketing, including collecting data through Taobao, Alipay and Sina Weibo. Ali's acquisition of Sina Weibo seems to have only Ali. But Sina can also use Ali's big data resources. At present, large data is used, mainly internal circulation. There is no large data use across borders. Ali's acquisition of Sina Weibo is an attempt, but a little. Just imagine, if we can develop news products according to users ' online purchasing data, or develop video programs, what they buy to judge their preferences and personalities, they can make video content or news information, or even electronic novels that match their character. This is the application of large data across borders. Sina may not be aware of the potential profit and impact of Cross-border data, and one day he realizes that he can develop the product accordingly.

Overall, the current large data news product development, still in the "testing" stage, or even distance "touch stone" there is still a long way, because the shadow of the river has not been seen, but this does not hinder the road.

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