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News that Microsoft is developing a Windows 8 tablet computer is scheduled to be released later this year.

Although Microsoft's Windows 7 does not stimulate tablet sales, there are many tablets using the system, such as Dell, HP and LG. Microsoft is ready to rewrite windows to make it more suitable for flat panels.

Currently, Microsoft has mobilized nearly 1000 engineers to develop Windows 8 for touch screens. To make a smooth transition, Microsoft has started to stray from AMD and Intel, and is fond of arm chips.

Adam Holt, analyst at Morgan Stanley, said Microsoft had moved to Windows 8, hinting that it was Adam Holt the 2011 tablet-led battle, and that Microsoft had not completely abandoned touch devices.

Holt says Microsoft is considering offering 100 dollars in equipment. When Apple is working on the ipad, he says, companies often use virtual desktops to provide Windows and Windows programs, and Microsoft is considering ways to provide 100 of billions of dollars of equipment.

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