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These two days suddenly have a feeling, from the electric business to O2O development process, the next step will appear to sell the flow of the market under the line of the evolution of the store. In fact, this is happening, but O2O's name is too big to cover the eyes of many people looking at the problem. Ali Union high Germany, push Amoy point, shop pay treasure purse, etc. Tencent push micro-letter payment, to create micro-life, Beijing east to the overall transformation platform, next year to explore O2O. These three have become the electric business platform and O2O platform of the same goal, also have a large flow of the foundation. In the traditional era of electrical business, these have a large flow of electric business platform only in a variety of forms will be sold to the shop can be, and in the O2O era, as the electric and O2O platform will need to find ways to sell the flow of the stores under the line. These days Uniqlo case is very occasional, they will all the online flow into the O2O form of the store is in fact the electric business platform will flow to sell the micro-deformation form. Directly, that is, the electric business platform to the flow of clothing to the Uniqlo line store, but this process also requires Uniqlo itself on the line to do some guidance on the flow of work, which is behind the current electric O2O platform is not enough to reflect the advanced. Uniqlo practices in line with the current industry status quo, the current O2O is not mature, no one can do directly to the flow of traffic to the store, but in the future this situation will be achieved. The intersection of network shopping and store shopping has produced the O2O pattern, along with the whole electric business industry development, this intersection is getting bigger and larger, now several big flow's electric quotient platform will sell the traffic to the offline store more, this mainly benefits from the mobile Internet development. The importance of the mobile power provider is not the impact of the existing online shopping market and the challenge to the PC online shopping model. Mobile end of the online shopping experience is not comparable to the PC side, the PC side of the screen larger, more efficient operation, the Web page to open faster, the full range of merchandise browsing and so many advantages are now the mobile end is unmatched. The more important role of mobile power is to speed up the o2o of electric power, it can promote the expansion of the larger market, the catering industry so fast into the process of electronic business is the development of mobile Internet. No mobile internet, many online and offline links can not get through, the development of O2O can only stagnate. From electricity to O2O, mobile Internet plays a decisive role. Today, the major electric dealers are busy to build O2O platform, and soon, when the O2O platform of the major electric dealers built, it will begin to sell traffic to the offline stores. In the future, most of the consumer market of goods and catering will be networked, and the changes in the consumer market are just beginning. Everyone offline operators need to be prepared, you can disdain to buy their traffic, but people will be willing to buy. What is the flow? Traffic is the consumer's "attention", and the Internet is the attention economy.
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