Next year net purchase or exceed 1.4 trillion Chinese electricity trader development enters the critical point

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BEIJING, November 26 (Xinhua Ma Haiyan) Today, the boss of the retail industry is not the traditional retail industry, but the electric business. Industry experts predict that the net purchases will exceed 1.4 trillion next year, accounting for more than 5% of the social consumption, China's e-commerce development into a critical point.

Dcci Internet Data Center published in Beijing today, "China E-commerce Blue Book" shows that in the information services, Baidu to 22.9 billion yuan annual revenue exceeded CCTV 20.5 billion yuan; in the department store retail aspect, the cat to 200 billion yuan annual income amount surpasses Suning's 121 billion yuan, Jingdong Mall to 60 billion yuan over Carrefour 47 billion yuan.

Dcci, director of the Internet Data center Yanping said that although the 2013 CCTV ad tender reached nearly 15.9 billion yuan, is considered to be the traditional economic recovery signs, but can not stop the continued decline in the power-on rate.

"Blue Book" is expected in the next few years E-commerce area, net purchases will exceed 1.4 trillion, in social consumption accounted for more than 5%; Internet advertising marketing will be over hundreds of billions, over the traditional television media, the Electric Chamber of Commerce in 3721.html ">2014 craziest first gold master; Mobile Power quotient ratio will be over 10%, Mobile internet users will surpass the PC and become the biggest dividend for the next ten years. Electric business pillars will form, Taobao-Jingdong-Tencent This "three-legged" is the decisive point of cost efficiency.

The Blue Book, based on 4 large-scale market surveys, was finally formed after visiting more than 160 electric business enterprises and tracking more than 100,000 Internet user behavior data.

Yanping said that after 2010 and 2011, after the electronic commercial advertising war, the main melody of the 2012 business market was to return to rationality. In addition to a small number of enterprises continue to adopt extensive operation mode, most of the electric business enterprises have begun to seek low-cost refinement of the operational outlet. Prior to relying on capital support for a large advertising investment in the electricity business enterprises, in the capital and input-output pressure, began to shift the focus to the cost of less expensive way, layout mobile interconnection channels. China's e-commerce is going to the tipping point, but the specific time, manner, factors, laws and so on need to explore together.

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