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If the Spring Festival Gala is likened to a family reunion, festive Grand reunion meal, in each of the annual gala Evening TV show is more like a family and friends of the party, with flexible and diverse forms, showing the same laughter, full of feelings. February 12 evening, Hunan satellite TV Spring Festival evening will be the same as in previous years with the original surprise glittering curtain, not the same is, this time Hunan TV will again hand over Mango TV, will be the annual concert of the attention of the "360-degree panorama" full upgrade comeback, and then lift the network interactive new climax. Want to be free to choose and switch seats on TV to watch the party? Want to see if the stars are as shiny under the stage? You want to take a picture of the camera you want to see? The use of Mango Tvinside family products, not only in their own living room when the party guide, for their own "custom" one of the most watched the Spring Festival evening Gala, there is a chance to win the NUT smart home theater, Mango hi q TV box and other rich New Year gift.

"Together Radiant" Mango TV full platform "No Dead End" live

This year Hunan satellite TV Spring Festival evening Gala theme is "Together Radiant", the star players will be lovers file, friend files, girlfriends, family files, such as various types of mix and match debut, interpretation of the evening Reunion "together" warm feeling. Ying and other stars will bring their family debut sang Hunan traditional opera, "Where's daddy going 2" star Father Meng children will be reunited evening stage of the Spring Festival evening to complete their New Year's task, small meat tfboys will be on stage to sing the transmission of youthful energy, "first grade" of the small protagonist will be dressed as a lovely pleasant goat Meng turned into the audience.

The evening of the Spring Festival Gala is not only here. As a blockbuster program this year, Mango TV360 Panorama live broadcast 2015 Hunan Satellite TV cross-year concert this groundbreaking attempt by netizens warmly sought after, this time of the Spring Festival evening, Mango TV will be this interactive experience to play to the extreme: Update the seat, upgrade technology, the introduction of voting activities to let viewers vote favorite star "Accompany Watch" gala, and Will realize the live broadcast process audience and scene camera interaction, realize "where to shoot where" the "Custom Service." Panoramic, close-up, rocker arm, star on the stage must pass the channel ... 5 Direct live flight to upgrade, if you want to see the party, the performance scene of the wonderful screen at any time to lock; If you want to explore some behind-the-scenes tidbits, there will always be a bright spot in every corner of the stage. The traditional sense of the Spring Festival Gala live show is the most perfect side, and through the tv360° panoramic view of Mango Live, tfboys eat lunch? Hu Apricot son, Ni busy make-up? Xie na Zhang Jie stage hug show affectionate?

Watch the Spring Festival Gala with Mango TV internet TV about "Hui" Spring Festival

Through Mango Tvinside family products, users can watch on mango TV internet TV on the big screen high-definition version five seats 360-degree panoramic live, sitting in the living room Sofa Pro-party guide, for their own and family "custom" a unique view of the evening gala. In the course of watching the Spring Festival gala, the mango TV Internet TV has a good gift. Viewers just use micro-letters to sweep the lower right corner of the two-dimensional code, according to the system prompted to vote to choose their favorite seat, there will be a chance to get the mango Tvinside family products Nuts Smart home theater, Mango hi QM3 box, as well as movie tickets, New Year Fu bags and other rich gifts.

Mango TV Internet TV is Hunan TV ace in the Internet TV platform, using Mango tvinside family products, users can not only watch "I am a Singer", "Wonderful Friends", "Happy Camp", "Day Up" and other Hunan TV variety show and homemade drama on TV HD large screen on demand, Can also choose from TVB, South Korea MBC, Huayi Brothers, Phoenix satellite TV and other content platform of the gold resources, as well as live broadcast of the 2015 Hunan TV cross-year concert, K-1 King of the battle between China and the United States, 2015 Golden Globe Awards ceremony and other large-scale events at home and abroad party and activities of the To greet the new Year, Mango Tvinside brand flagship store also in the recent introduction of "Wonderful about the Hui" Spring special event, the user immediately from the Beijing-East Mango TV inside brand flagship store orders Mango TV inside family products, not only have the opportunity to win the whole year VIP, there is a chance to receive "I Am a Singer" The third season star autographed CD, "wonderful friend" star autographed photo or promotional poster.

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