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[Zhongguancun Home Appliances Channel Original] Summer is coming, fruits are also listed. Many female friends also like to use juicer to make some fresh squeezed juice, not only to supplement the body needs of vitamins, and can play a beauty-raising effect. Today I would like to introduce a nine-yang Jyz-e6 juicer, love to drink juice friends may wish to pay attention to this product.

Nine Yang Jyz-e6 juice extractor

The design of the nine-Yang Jyz-e6 juice extractor is simple and generous. Volume power is only 150W, rotate speed: 75 rpm. This product is a professional juicer, squeezed juice separation. is the preferred product for everyday families.

Feeding port

This juicer is easy to use, just cut the fruit with push bar gently push the fruit and vegetable block from the feed mouth, do not use too big push material stick, lest affect the juice effect. Turn the switch to the appropriate gear, the product starts to work, the working time is 2 minutes.

Juice Cups

When the food processing finished, the juice outlet no longer has juice outflow, turn off the switch, disconnect the power supply, please wait for the motor and the knife net completely stop turning, then take the cup away from the juice mouth. The cup is provided with a foam plate, which is properly fitted to filter the foam when the juice is poured out; the juice that is squeezed is recommended for immediate drinking, exposed to air for a long time, and the taste and nutritional value will be affected.

Fuselage switch

The body of the juicer is provided with a "Start/Stop" button: Click this button lightly, products start work, continuous work 20 minutes after the automatic stop, if you need to stop halfway, and then click again to "reverse" key: When the slag is not smooth or plugging, gently press and hold the "reverse" key, the screw starts to reverse, release the button, stop the reversal This is another click on the "Start/Stop" key, then resume is turning to continue working.

Nine Yang Jyz-e6 Juice Press product power 150W product speed 22000 product voltage 220v/50hz Product size 396*282* 250mm product Weight 4.8kg Other features low speed juice not oxidized, original more nutritious, continuous uninterrupted juice 20 minutes, innovation without knife net, easy to clean more time-saving.

Editorial Reviews: Nine Yang Jyz-e6 juicer using low speed juice does not oxidize, the original more nutritious, continuous uninterrupted juice 20 minutes, innovative no knife net, easy to clean more time-saving. At present, this product's Jingdong mall promotional price of 599 yuan, love to drink juice friends may wish to buy.

Nine Yang Jyz-e6 juice extractor

[Reference price] 599 yuan

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