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Ning is acting as a female agent in the "Wind language". Ning very much want to play a soldier ning in the "Red Clothes Fang" in the modelling.   Ning plays an actor in "Pear Tears". From the "Gold family" in the play of your noble and dignified little grandmother began, Ning seems to be always with the gentle atmosphere of the role of the relationship, until she is currently in CCTV hit the "Wind" plays a complex and repressed character Linrongrong, just let the audience see the other side of the Ning. Accept this reporter interview, Ning Blunt, in order to play the role, she even had a heart attack during filming, and she also regarded the play as one of her masterpiece, "I Am a special love of the people, others said I can only play less grandmother, I am biased to find a different role to play."  "Author: This reporter Lin acting female agents only for the tone Guangzhou daily: You before the role of mostly weak women, the performance of the Linrongrong is also a lot of people think is" gorgeous turn. Ning: Gorgeous not gorgeous I don't know, at least I was "turned". In fact, a director Liu selected me to play a cold tough, complex and deep linrongrong, many people are not optimistic, that my image and monotonous and role of the number. In the process of filming the play, I have been a breath, to prove that they can do, so completely subversion of the past performance habits, from the eyes, form, movement to the state of mind to readjust themselves, often in the middle of the night was suppressed, my heart disease also at that time suffering. The character is so hard to express that it's the hardest part of all the characters I've ever played.  After finishing the play I went to the hospital, and now I haven't picked up the show and rested for a long time. Guangzhou daily: Some viewers said, you are not fit to play linrongrong, more should play Keiko.  What do you think? Ning: I think the actor has no "should not play", perhaps the audience is accustomed to my ladylike image, I think Keiko more suitable for me. But I am a special love of the people, others said I can only play less grandma, I am biased to find a different role to play. Linrongrong is a role that all actors will want to challenge, and her inner drama is very rich, and you will see that the finale of the whole show depends on her.  Before I play the little woman often need to have a cry, but in this play Linrongrong has been very depressed, at most is red eye socket.  Guangzhou daily: Also has netizen to say Linrongrong is "the female is becoming", do you think? Ning: May be a bit like the style of doing things, the difference is Linrongrong no emotional drama, and Chengugu just ambiguous feelings.  In fact, the original script is emotional drama, was deleted, Linrongrong became Chengugu admirer, even before he died, said to him by "I love You" changed to "Yanan."  And Wang Xuebing trouble all rely on Yapeng when and things, Guangzhou daily: As if Wang Xuebing is also a member of Faye Wong Children's Day class, you join now? Ning: I'm just a "class Children's Day" family, and sometimes I go to their party.  I really admire Faye Wong, I think she will wear clothes, every appearance is very stunning, very want to learn. Guangzhou Daily:Are you and Wang Xuebing so high-profile that you don't worry about privacy exposure affecting feelings? Ning: Life and filming are two different things, can not be mixed together, we from the beginning of love is not taboo what, I think this better, do not sneak.  Two people are emotionally stable, I think the key is the individual?  Guangzhou Daily: You just said that after the play has not taken the play, is the baby to do preparation? Ning: This is not, I actually from the entry to now have not how to rest, even married have no honeymoon, this film, I think it is a breakthrough in the cause of their own acting, you can take a break.  The baby's thing is natural, can meet but not beg, but I will also appropriately reduce the workload.  Guangzhou daily: You and Wang Xuebing marriage is a story, everyone wants to know who you two listen to who? Ning: This April is our wedding two anniversary. The family thing is basically me in the tube, the school soldier is very simple, he to the material request is very few, as long as I cook, no matter what to do all agree to eat, the home has how many money also does not know, I still quite enjoys this "the master" the Feeling (laughs). However, sometimes we make a point of conflict can not communicate, Yapeng know will come to help us mediate.  He told me that he and the school soldier 14 years old knew, the school soldier Anything is good is the temper is bigger, lets me many magnanimous.  First time in action, it feels like Angelina Jolie. Guangzhou Daily: Will it continue to transform? Ning: Should be, transformation is a very enjoyable thing, I actually always want to play in the military, because I grew up in the army compound, see those wearing no along the military cap aunt, think they are particularly beautiful.  Linrongrong This role is a "soldier + woman" of the unity, I first pulled a gun to kill, the first wall fight, are quickly become "Tomb Raider" in Angelina Jolie.  Guangzhou Daily: I heard that you in order to distinguish the previous image, special requirements not to wear cheongsam? Ning: Yes, in Banding makeup, I found that I prepared a lot of cheongsam, I propose to remove all. Because Linrongrong was a well-trained female soldier, it seemed superfluous to attach too much fancy to her, and to wear boots and breeches directly, looking fresher.  Short hair is also, many friends have asked me is not cut hair, in fact, it is a wig sleeve.  Guangzhou daily: Some viewers remember your role, but can not shout your name, will you mind this "play Reds not red" state? Ning: I do not mind these, "The Jinghua Smoke" in the Sun Manni, "eldest brother's happiness" in the plum, "the Wind language" in the Linrongrong, each called all than "ning" rang, this is also to my role shape affirmation. Many foreign actors, acting like what, is because they completely abandon themselves.  I wish I could try a few more different roles and really be able to talk in characters.  Guangzhou Daily: Many people say you are lucky, the drama has not graduated from the film "noble Family", most of the works can be broadcast on CCTV, do you think these owe to luck or strength? Ning: Each half of it, the film "noble Family" when, even the actor who played my servant girl 10 years old, I can see how much pressure. At that time just came to Beijing, still in school, there is a film, money to make a good, did not expect to red. Can follow but also have side effects, we all think I can not play other, as the saying goes, long sleeve can be good dance, that also must weave out sleeves, so I would like to always try various roles.
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