Ningjia: Intelligent City and new type of urbanization

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Speaker: Ningjia

Moderator: Yianyang, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhongguancun large data Industry Alliance

Organizer: Zhongguancun Large data Industry Alliance

Guest Introduction:

Ningjia: is the national Information Center of the original chief engineer, the current state Information Center Expert Committee Deputy Director, researcher, but also the national intelligent city, large data, cloud computing, Information security Research field of well-known experts.

The following is the sharing of the full text:

Good evening, I personally think that the first issue is to further give the wisdom of the city a new connotation, fully understanding and understanding of intelligent city construction at present must first consider the importance of intelligent city construction of information Huimin project

At present, it is the key period for our country to build a well-off society in an all-round way, and it is also an important strategic opportunity period to realize breakthroughs in the major issues of people's livelihood and people's livelihood, not only facing the increasing social mobility and openness, and the new situation of diversification of people's livelihood, diversified interests, There is an urgent need to effectively break the imbalance of public service resources in people's livelihood, the widening gap between urban and rural areas and the high level of equalization. Implement information Huimin project, pull consumption, promoting development and Huiminson is an effective way to provide the broad coverage, multi-level, differentiated and high quality public service, which is to promote and improve the social resource allocation, innovate the mode of public service supply, and promote the level of equalization of benefits. It will also help to cultivate new types of industry and new economic growth point, which is of great significance to promote information consumption, improve basic public service level, strengthen and innovate social management and construct harmonious society.

First of all, thank the Alliance for inviting, thank you for your willingness to listen to some of my humble opinion, I personally think the next step to do a good job of intelligent city construction must adapt to the current new situation, that is, the new normal economic and social development of the new situation, it must be the focus and direction of intelligent city construction to the people's livelihood projects,

Only in this way can the intelligent city build grounding gas, some people are angry, there is the echo of the response of the people, in order to fully reflect the basic goal of intelligent city construction and foothold.

The city makes people live better, is thousands of years of people's dream, is also a concrete embodiment of the Chinese Dream, the wisdom of the city to achieve this dream to give us a good blueprint, but how to achieve this dream, we need step-by-step solid advance, but also to enable the public to gradually get the benefits, so that everyone to the wisdom of urban construction to give recognition, This requires intelligent city construction from the top floor design, strategic planning to the implementation of construction, must be closely around for the people think, for the people, for the benefit of the people, for the long-term interests of the general public and sustainable development of the fundamental goal of happiness planning, and design, and construction, or otherwise deviated from this basic consideration, it is bound to be difficult to receive results, More difficult to obtain the recognition of the general public.

In recent years, it must be pointed out that some intelligent city construction practice, including planning, program and implementation, there are some out of the most basic needs of the people, some of these things copied foreign foreigners cold, some ignored the basic needs analysis, ambitious, out of Tianshui, and some deviated from the basic principles of sustainable development, Hope to eat a fat, so smart city construction such a good theme changed flavor, this is not to say is a bad episode.

All these years, we have placed great hopes on the city of Wisdom, all aspects also have a lot of pay, but really need in the wisdom of urban construction boom, keep calm mind, adhere to a city at present and in the future of the development of the main problems, adhere to the problem-oriented, adhere to demand-oriented, adhere to the mode of innovation, to do a more solid job.

Not meet the user's urgent needs, there is no practical solution to the user's most urgent problems of the wisdom of urban construction has become the city flower bed on the fake flower grass.

The reason why I personally think that the information Huimin project as the focus of intelligent city construction and the main evaluation indicators, and the public evaluation and improve customer satisfaction as an important indicator of evaluation, it is necessary in the intelligent city construction more attention to promote information optimization of public resources allocation, innovation of social management and public service model, We should widen the channels of public service and public participation, improve the level of public service and equal benefits, improve the efficiency of social administration, and promote the openness of government affairs and administration by law. On the other hand, promote the application of informatization in the field of people's livelihood, cultivate the new hot point of information consumption in traditional service industry, promote consumer security and service level, and improve information consumption by information service. Therefore, we must adhere to the scientific evaluation of the development of Intelligent city, in order to improve the quality of the project is an important guarantee. The evaluation of Intelligent City Engineering development insists on "promoting the construction by evaluation, promoting the use with evaluation, promoting the management by evaluating, building a combination, and applying". Among them, "to promote the construction" is to take the evaluation work to drive the city's information Huimin project building and development; using evaluation to promote the reform and innovation of the pilot city and the popularization of its application; "to promote management by evaluation" is to update the management concept of the pilot city, promoting the regulatory norms; "Evaluation and integration, emphasis on the application" The evaluation is only a means to strengthen the construction through evaluation, to improve the wisdom of the city has achieved what the information huimin effect and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Really do not want the wisdom of urban construction into some uncompleted building works, which requires our colleagues from all walks of life, including experts can play the wisdom of everyone, dare to say, more seek, good break, can not all say downwind, please.

I would also like to share with you some of the principles of how to choose the key projects of information huimin in the construction of Intelligent city, which can be considered as follows:

First of all, we should select those projects which take the target of information huimin as the criterion and conform to the spirit of national policy, the Law of urban development and the needs of urban reality. On the one hand, to embody the requirements of urban strategic positioning for the construction of information Huimin, concentrated city has a successful experience in the construction of information huimin; On the other hand, in the project and the weight arrangement should embody to the information huimin development emphasis tilt, in order to embody the direction.

The 2nd is the cliché, highlighting the focus and timeliness, in a certain period of something is not, systematic principle, because indeed the wisdom of the city and the degree of information-benefit workers is an organic system, involving all aspects of urban development. There is a close relationship between each subject and major fields of engineering. But the intelligent city and the information Huimin project should not be simply piling up, but should be a clear hierarchy of the whole system, limited to the basis and conditions, Rome could not be built in a day, this will seriously consider the different dimensions, the same level, the formation of a certain project priorities, but also appropriate to consider the inherent logical association, To determine the priorities and priorities of a given period.

The 3rd is to seriously study the maximum degree of ease of operation of the project or project, please note that this is not operable, but the maximum degree of ease of operation of the problem.

Because often generally speaking, any project has certain operability, but the operational and the maximum easy to operate the gap is very large, project and engineering to the maximum operability should be the basic principle of choice, including project or project policy is consistent with the support, which the project information mechanism of the completeness of the critical, For example, information collection can be easily quantified in the actual operation in order to facilitate timely access and comparative analysis of information processing, the data or information involved should be easy to collect, in order to fully reflect its actual application value and operational possibilities, data documentary and accurate can be guaranteed and other factors. This element should be carefully demonstrated, otherwise the subsequent construction is very easy to become a lack of operability, similar failure of many cases.

The first point is the sustainability of the project, which requires careful study of the effective guarantee mechanism and system innovation construction of the project. The last point is that in the selection of projects, but also to consider the project's scalability.

The last point is that the intelligent city and the information Huimin project are a dynamic development process. The project and project should be based on the evolution of the development path of "intelligent City and Information huimin", and weigh the current development situation of the city, and make the dynamic supplement and adjustment timely.

Vichyssoise said some personal siloed, please take a brick. Finally, I am always very optimistic about the wisdom of the city and Information huimin development of a good situation, smart city to focus on the theme of Hui people Services, the information huimin will be smart city development to lay a solid foundation of public opinion. I believe that under the correct leadership of the State Council of the Central Committee, guided by the scientific concept of development, taking Huiminson, pulling consumption and promoting development as the main line, to build the regional information Huimin demonstration Highland to create the theme, we will promote the design of intelligent city and information Huimin top level and the construction of various projects Centered on public service objects, to optimize the integration of public resources, improve the level of equalization of services, to solve the problems faced by different cities as the starting point, to strengthen joint supervision, improve the level of social management and service efficiency; Based on the principle of legal attribution of information resources and administration according to law, innovating the mode of political and civil interaction, Improving the accessibility and public participation of public services; to give full play to the guiding role of open Government information resources to promote local characteristics of the industry, to guide and nurture information consumption hotspots, so that our intelligent city and information huimin must be able to organically integrate and promote each other, so that the earth is full of wisdom in the city of brilliant flowers, The fruit of Hui People's service to the city development.

I luantan to this, once again thank you for your attention and teacher Yan, also thank the Zhongguancun Large data Industry Alliance platform, can communicate with you, thank you ~

(editor: Mengyishan)

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