Nintendo has also developed game phones to work with Nokia

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Play video (Compile/bean cub) The rumors that Nintendo will launch a gaming phone are a handful, but have not been confirmed.  It's no wonder that in a country with an extremely large mobile phone market, seniority, the most-qualified and most profitable gaming machine company, has not been acting on the mobile gaming market.  But according to today's overseas media, Nintendo planned to work with Nokia in 2000 to develop a game phone. According to a developer who declined to be named, Nintendo and Nokia had formed a team to develop game-phone projects early in the decade, while Nokia was also having a preliminary plan to design gage gaming handsets.  The project team was set up at the Nintendo headquarters in Japan and presented the Nintendo board with a preliminary concept of the game phone, but eventually the plan was not approved and aborted.  Although the plan was not passed, the developer said that Nintendo was a very conservative company and that there were always a wide variety of development projects in operation, but only a few of the projects that would eventually survive have become a way of running Nintendo.  At the same time as the project, Nintendo has begun the DS handheld research and development, and eventually the Nokia Gage failure and the DS of billions of sales also makes it impossible to blame Nintendo's original decision is wrong, perhaps they think the more focused game handheld seems to be more acceptable to the market. And in the latest 3DS handheld, Nintendo will likely launch the Crosspass in the communication function, players even in different games can exchange game data.  This is a bit of mobile phone mobile connection flavor, and with the continuous integration of technology, mobile phone function will be gradually reflected in a variety of electronic products, even Nintendo's portable game Palm machine. Supernumerary language: Nintendo is a real game in the lead eldest brother, so if it is to develop game mobile phone, the cooperation object is also very important, the last time with the Nokia cooperation unfortunate abortion, the next try Apple slightly, exquisite picture performance with fascinating gameplay, is a perfect match. (Editor/Ming) Warm tip: Players can log on through the mobile phone read more play news.
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