No. 1th Shop Venture logic has been questioned by Ping an drug network or for its burden

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September 27 News According to the Sound of economic "world Company" reported that in Shanghai, the country's first online life supermarket "Shop No. 1th" almost everywhere.   After the July 2008, "Store 1th" has become the focus of the field of business, its monthly growth rate of more than 26%, which almost with the Beijing-east average annual growth rate of 300% compared. "Shop No. 1th" At that time is in China scale, category all occupy the industry leading position business enterprise. More than a year since the launch of the registered user more than 1 million, the goods involved in food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen cleaning, mother and child toys, electrical appliances, home, nutrition, health care, gift cards and other categories.  According to founder Gege, 60% of family shopping is done by women, but many white-collar women because of busy work does not have time to buy life is very inconvenient, "Shop No. 1th" is to change this situation, the main focus on fast consumer goods, to help this part of the women home delivery, the price is cheaper than offline, to create a perfect shopping experience. "Store 1th" goal to achieve a one-stop purchase service, really let the customer one-stop purchase, enjoy one-stop purchase, one-stop service.  Just 2 years later, Ping An group shares, and put ping an drug net into the "Shop No. 1th", as part of the network supermarket, Gege that this is a how to calculate will not lose the game. Gege: I think the profits of the medicine is good, medicine in the future to have a great development, but also to see China's health reform. Including online to allow Medicare. Now the internet is not allowed to use health care, which is a big obstacle, health reform will give a lot of drug sales, will have a great impact in the future.  Peace is the financial empire, we have a lot of strategic value from peace. May 18 This year, Gege announced in Beijing, "Shop No. 1th" and Wal-Mart cooperation. Although "store 1th" claims that Wal-Mart is only a small amount of capital, the two sides are strategic cooperation. But according to the industry, Wal-Mart never do not have a holding rights of the acquisition, its normal path should be: Take the peace of the plate, gradually holding determined to do "online Wal-Mart" of "Shop No. 1th."  But gege that cooperation with Wal-Mart is more valuable. Gege: Wal-Mart, the world's largest enterprise, in 60 years to become the world's largest enterprise, millions of employees, he wanted to make such a large scale, not to say by luck. We can get the value from Wal-Mart, our cooperation mode is beginning to unfold, our team is also beginning docking.  Slowly start these cooperation, cooperation includes the sharing of supplier resources, supply chain resources, logistics resources sharing, brand resources sharing and so on. Has the industry analysis, "Shop No. 1th" by Wal-Mart Holding, just a matter of time, once the control fell to Wal-Mart hand, Gege will be difficult to go their own way, but the current survival of the company is the most important.  In this respect, the economic voice of the special guest Rong said. Xiang Rong: Want to make a strong enterprise, not weak and weak union. For Ping An medicine net, "Store No. 1th" not get an opportunity, but carry a burden. Wal-Mart, as the entity of the store, an entity of the retail big business, is now seeking asWhere to expand online, how to use Wal-Mart's physical stores, Wal-Mart's brand advantages and distribution system to enter the Internet industry, Wal-Mart at this time to join the "Shop No. 1th" is undoubtedly a good news.
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