No man is perfect, entrepreneurs should dare to admit mistakes!

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Mistake, this word everybody is not unfamiliar? Friends, have you ever made it? The answer is YES! Just big or small! Of course I did, I'm just a mortal, not a God!  Who can be the son of a king? As a child of me: once because of ignorance, I do not know how many mistakes? Don't know how many dozen? At that time I may be afraid to fight! Or because it's too naughty! Always try to escape, or find excuses to persuade. Think of that time really shouldn't ah, wrong is wrong, why still want to escape? Why do you have to defend yourself? Do parents want to hit you like that? Is the teacher so want to scold you? Why didn't you understand his (her) pains?  Why do you have to be more obedient? Every thought of these problems my heart will be painful, if not so naughty as a child and how good yo! If you are serious at school. And not make a mistake now. Knowledge of people is not clear, scheming too little! To those criminals have the opportunity to be a fool, cheated more than 60,000 yuan, both harm themselves, but also harm others!  Let the criminals feel that they have given them the convenience, and then continue to cheat around the case! Every time the mouth of friends and relatives to hear or in the media to see these so-and-so people or a company because of fraud and crime was treason can not help but make me chilling yo! Why are those people not leaving? Just go on the path of no return! Is it so hard to be a law-abiding citizen? Why not go to a good life, not to do a good business?  Even a small business can ... Ancient cloud: Make mistakes not terrible, terrible is to know how to find mistakes, dare to admit mistakes! I always remember one of my mentor once said, wrong does not matter, next time to come! Next time, watch it! My dear friend, when you are still wandering between the wrong and good time to be brave, boldly admit it! Accept it boldly! Because we are a man, we can get ahead, we can master the future!  Success is in front of us, because as long as there is a mistake to improve yo! What is the wrong time, do not always go wrong! Obviously know oneself is wrong, still do not know to change of talented person is fearful! Want to open up a bit, look at me!  This time lost tens of thousands of yuan, not the same to eat, like to do business, like to live, as the same as the woman to teach son, like to be a man, like to do outstanding businessmen, like to participate in the network business assembly, the same as ... Does it mean that sadness or avoidance can solve the problem? So the money I lost will come back? No way! Only brave to face, to find ways to reduce the loss to the lowest point, to the loss of the back to earn again, I am what I want to do! Maybe some people will ask me, when your familiar friends know how to do, it is not very humiliating? Then why do you lose face? I didn't steal it. Just one more time! Who dares to promise not to do wrong?  So say with the ordinary heart to treat is good, do not think will those bored person's ridicule! Maybe some people will say that I have the financial ability to talk like that, but who knows I'm almost out of business. That's not what you want to do.Law. Even if I borrow from people, ask for help to go down, do not bow to difficulties! I believe that one day I will do better than before losing! Why the same person. Some people can succeed, some people will fail?  The reason is that they are not enough to insist on their own self-confidence! I have seen such a successful person: His hands broke into the arm, two and one foot is paralyzed, but he has no hope of life. Write and paint with only one foot and one mouth. Who can understand my mood at that time? No one can imagine, I was determined to start the business since then! I remember I used 50 to ask him to write a picture to me, only four words that is "self-improvement." You know how I feel about getting some paintings? The word is better than any calligrapher I see. What if I was crippled like him? Can he be that good? Even my good foot is not as good as he writes! That "self-improvement" four words but with a pen written in his mouth, the foot will only put the paper flat. Though he had a natural look, he occasionally smoked a cigarette. But do you know how he got here all these years? How did he practice the handwriting? I don't know! How many ups and downs have you experienced in this process? How many failures and how many setbacks? How many times have you been wrong? How many times have we come back? At that time, some people only see the results do not ask the process! Are there few successful people like me in China? Why people can do it! We can't? I am in the "a network from the countryside" replies to see some netizens asked me, can not be my success stories to share!  I think this will give you a little inspiration! I only write these today, not in the teaching of my success story, I just encouraged the friends who have made mistakes, including those who fail to start a business, don't be sad, do not be discouraged! Believe that the sun always after the rain! The world did not go past the road, nor did not have the river, but not on the mountain! As long as we are willing to work hard, willing to pay, willing to struggle, willing to fight. That's not going to happen.
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