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Hello, everyone. Also register an account to send an article perhaps some of the following fields offended you please forgive me!

I am a no site even HTML do not understand the webmaster, accustomed to look at the admin5 every day to see some of the webmaster published posts, trading forum Some of the transactions, may be a habit of daily must see, do not look uncomfortable!:

The last six months time every day to see the webmaster shout my station was Baidu K I was pulled hair I went into the sandbox SEO various articles

Do you have a hard webmaster do not have Baidu we can not survive it? Do all things have to depend on Baidu? Baidu is China's search engine industry boss This word is not false, but we do not give Baidu to look at the station, but to the vast number of users to read, you have to work hard every day to write articles, update the site for what? Just for a snapshot of Baidu? Webmaster, wake up. We do not give the purpose of the station to Baidu to see, there are a lot of code to write the screen Baidu Spider code This is why? Because they don't like Baidu and don't want to rely on him to still survive.

As long as you do anything, I think you will succeed, but it is not a day to make a fortune, no rich man is a night of wealth, even if the night of the explosion he also has a very difficult front. Here is a SEO

I am not a complete webmaster, because I do not have a website. Everyone in the mouth every day to study seo seo seo But there are a few people to carefully study him? SEO is not a word, website do SEO purpose is to increase search engine's collection and ranking But search engines to increase your collection and ranking is not to see how beautiful you stand, how the atmosphere is not to see you this stationmaster has how much money, long how handsome. It's looking at the reading you bring to the user. I want to find that SEO people are also thinking so. SEO is all about giving users a complete and clean website. , you can clearly find the answer to their search, if you do not understand anything like me, I think if you do a station only pay attention to the user's reading effect, I think your station will be very good ranking.

I'm sorry to say that. If there is offended please forgive!

Failed to think there is no site under ad

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