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has written such an article before, some people commented that the writing is not enough, because it is prepared to write two, this article is to supplement the previous article, I hope that these novice webmaster to bring an outline of understanding.

In addition, there is no technology is what? If there is no technology, I believe that I can not see this article, generally or more or less understand a little bit, may be div. HTML. To change the template, if you want to achieve their own needs for two development, it is not, I believe that the absolute majority of the webmaster is this type.

Now start to add:

One, blog type Building station.

Blog Class I personally feel better than the blog. ASP has z-blog, presumably own blog, must know the name of this blog, I also opened a blog. Later did not want to maintain. So I stopped writing. There is no denying that the popularity of this blog is quite high.

PHP is WordPress, this blog system visibility is also quite high, I once in a job search, unexpectedly has mentioned that will optimize WordPress. But I didn't set it myself. It seems that many enterprises are using this product to do foreign trade. Interested friends can go to understand!

Second, the online mall construction station

Online Mall Now I guess the most famous is Shopex this product. In addition I remember sing also has an online mall system, if not mistaken, called Ecmaill later did not operate, sold, as if to sell the Shopex this company, specific is not, I am not very clear. Anyway, if you use it as a station, this shopex is a good choice, php+mysql.

It seems that Ecshop is also the product of the company. ASP. NET version, here you can recommend a dream shop. Dreamershop, I have not tried, just read online, interested can also go to try!

Three, Digg mode construction Station

Digg mode, this is the last more than a year of things, this model in the CMS are involved, but this model as a main manifestation of the site, this site is still relatively few, on the Digg model of the program has a lot of, most of the English version of the Chinese version.

I use for example, PHP version of the Pbdigg is still a good version, now the latest is 3.0 also integrated UC, if used for entertainment version, is a very good choice.

ASP version of the image is Wodig, do not know why, I am in the test, always error, I feel that this version is also good, especially last year, it seems to be more fire. Everyone is interested can also go to play. This is a new pattern. Although there are no very special ideas.

Iv. Enterprise/Government portal construction Station

If the CMS is the most successful in, it is beyond reproach to move easily. But the most dynamic features, I am afraid is not the CMS is the most successful such a thick reputation. My personal opinion he did the most successful is the use of dynamic easy to do corporate web site, Enterprise Portal, the government portal This function, this is the most intelligent place to move easily.

PHP168 also launched his own business version, and the other is the DEDECMS, which is also a version of the dream weaving from personal to commercialization. After all, for business, free open source is probably not that much of a taste. Plato's departure, frankly speaking, is the result of free and commercial competition.

In addition, I specifically say that I do not estimate that one of the CMS Easy CMS tutorials do so well and detailed.

Writing here, the outline of this article is also completed, I believe there are many not mentioned places, I think for a novice webmaster, can accumulate in the slowly, because we can not do so many types of stations, it is impossible to do so many stations can also do, choose one of the stations to do that on the line. I've tried a lot of sites and styles, just because I like this nonsense.

Really want to do station webmaster, choose a stick to do, this is kingly. Article: Fei white Reprint please keep this trip, all rights reserved.

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