Nokia launches first TD-SCDMA mobile phone

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Zhang Yuhua, the It Times journalist, celebrated the 10 anniversary of the Beijing Product Development Center, Nokia, the world's largest handset maker, finally released Nokia 6788, the first TD-SCDMA product. The phone is expected to be officially listed this December, the price is still undecided. Kallasvuo, Nokia's chief executive, once again pledged to "fully support TD-SCDMA" and said it would launch more TD-SCDMA handsets in the future.  According to Nokia related people to reporters, next year will launch five or six TD-SCDMA mobile phones. According to statistics from the Ministry of Information, as of October 9, the Ministry of Software issued a cumulative 83 TD-SCDMA mobile phone network license.  Shang, deputy director of the Ministry of Communications Development, said that after China Mobile announced 650 million TD-SCDMA terminal incentive funds, significantly accelerated the TD mobile phone industrialization process. But for the mobile phone boss Nokia joined, China Mobile has been looking forward to, so that China Mobile executive vice President Lu Xiangdong hand-held 6788 as a spokesperson, he smiled that this is the first time he held the manufacturer's mobile phone stand on the stage. Lu Xiangdong used "long-awaited" to describe Nokia's 6788. It is reported that China Mobile senior to Finland in February this year, urging Nokia to accelerate the development of TD-SCDMA mobile phones. In September, China Mobile signed a deal with Symbian, the former mobile app store that supports the latter's mobile store. After one months, Nokia released its first TD-SCDMA mobile phone. However, Lu Xiangdong in the press conference to put forward a more outspoken expectations: "Hope that the end of next year, Nokia TD-SCDMA product line can be synchronized with the WCDMA product line." In fact, Nokia also needs more support from China Mobile, the world's largest mobile operator. Nokia has felt the obvious market pressure in the face of constant erosion of its market share, such as the iphone and Android. Kallasvuo said that in the third quarter of this year, Nokia's global market share was 38%, and its market share in China was basically the same. In the second quarter, Nokia admitted that its share of the Chinese market had declined. Now, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers and the world's largest mobile operators finally joined forces, a win game has also opened.
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