Nokia's "Empire Strikes Back"

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Lu Aifang September 13 Morning, the Excle convention Center in East End, the world's 5,000 developers, media and customers gathered, waiting for the Nokia 2010 World Congress and Developer Summit opened.  The scene was so orderly that it did not look as if it had just passed a "stormy storm"-three days after Nokia's board announced that CEO Kallasvuo had stepped down and replaced it with Stephen Elop, a Microsoft Elop. In fact, as early as six months ago has been the Nokia board to replace Kallasvuo News. Nokia has been underperforming in recent years, though it still dominates the global handset industry's first position, but the baton in high-end smartphones has passed Apple and Google, and corporate profits have fallen.  The change is a foregone conclusion, but it is not surprising that Nokia chose to announce the announcement a few days before the annual event of the World Assembly.  The General Assembly originally for many countries, reporters have arranged a kallasvuo of the interview, has now been canceled, and because Elop will not officially take office until September 21, temporarily still unable to interview, reporters for their meticulous preparation for the lost and annoyed. 9 o'clock, the summit opening, instead of CEO for the opening Ceremony keynote speech is Nokia Executive Vice President Niklas Savander. Not announcing the Meego strategy, as the industry looks forward to, is the mobile terminal operating system that Nokia and Intel launched together in the first half of this year, and many in the industry think Nokia can only compete with Android for it; The industry has been hoping to see Nokia take action to improve the mobile app store, which lags far behind Apple's App store and Google Google Harsh, and Niklas Savander's speech focused on symbian--this, in many people's eyes,  Leading Nokia to lose its smartphone king status. Nokia sells 260,000 smartphones worldwide every day. Niklas Savander that Symbian is still the world's most powerful smartphone operating system--a global share of 40%. He then announced that Nokia had launched three new models.  He also focused on the Ovi map, said after three years of laying the groundwork, the Ovi map in the navigation has been quite advanced, more than "other" map services faster. "Today, we are at full speed to win the position of smart phone leader." Niklas Savander, with a furious Roar, announced: "Nokia's Back!"  "The scene is like thunder, but people still wonder: Will the Nokia Empire after the new regime really recapture the lost scepter on high-end smartphones?" Symbian's sins followed a brief speech by Niklas Savander, Nokia's executive vice president for marketing, ANSI Vanjoki spent more than half an hour detailing the CherokeeAsia's three new products--n8, C7 and E7, they use Symbian platform without exception. "The N8 experience is more than anything outside the phone. ANSI said.  He deliberately aggravated the "outside" tone.  Like Niklas, ANSI emphasizes again that Symbian is the world's most popular smartphone operating system. But the fact is that Symbian has slipped from its absolute dominance of 80% to the current 40%, which is largely eaten away by Google-led Android, which has risen to 17.2% per cent of its global share in the two quarter.  China is no exception, according to Gartner, Symbian's share of China has dropped from 70% to around 50%. Mobile 2.0 Forum founder, as MediaTek, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom and other domestic and foreign telecommunications company consultant Wang Lijie that Android rapid development because of the vast number of hardware manufacturers support. "Android is a good time for open source, a year earlier than Symbian.  "Wang Lijie analysis, at that time, the new sharp manufacturers all want to gamble, and herd mentality let some after aware of the manufacturers also followed in, when Symbian announced open source, the vendors ' valuable resources have been allocated to Android, which is the main reason Symbian lost nearly half of its supporters. In addition to the menacing Apple and Google, Symbian's biggest enemy is its own flaws. "Symbian's biggest advantage is power saving. "This makes it impossible for some good games to be developed on this platform, and games are the best selling apps for Apple Stores," says a programmer specializing in Symbian applications.  Symbian, he believes, is no longer a high-end smartphone.  It is understood that foreign even appeared a call nitdroid organization, specialized in Nokia high-end smartphone transplant Android. Wang Lijie, who described Nokia as a losing-Hearts king, said that in China, emerging developers always chose the iphone first, Android second, and Symbian third.  In the United States, Symbian itself has a small market share, and Symbian was defeated by the BlackBerry until Android was unveiled. Nokia has long been aware of this.  On the second day of the summit, on September 14, Nokia unveiled a series of measures, including enhancements to the Nokia Qt Software Development Kit, which reduced the amount of code required for Symbian development by 70%, as well as providing free Java and Symbian signatures to lower access thresholds for development partners. "We've simplified the process a lot and cleared the barrier," he said. "This will persuade more developers to develop apps for the Ovi Store," said Purnima Kochikar, a Nokia forum vice-president.  Nokia Forum is a global developer program for Nokia. "Mark the high with the new N8, the new Symbian, and theThe new Meego, Nokia has begun to fight back. "We have a strong counterattack," said Mary McDowell, executive vice president of the Nokia Mobile phone division, in an interview with reporters.  But she admits it's a tough game.  "Nokia does not know the Internet" Nokia's tough battle is not only to improve Symbian's battered operating system, but also to catch up with Apple and Google, which has led the global trend in mobile internet.  Nokia pioneered the global launch of mobile internet brand ovi in August 2007, a year earlier than Apple's App store, two years earlier than Google harsh. Today, however, the App store in Apple Stores has more than 250,000 downloadable apps, with more than 50,000 new applications submitted daily by more than 600 developers, and more than 100,000 apps in Android harsh, as early as this July Its application software download volume has exceeded 1 billion times mark.  But Ovi has never published the number of applications, and some people laugh at it for being less shy. "The application is not in many, but in how much of the consumer has the local relevance of the application."  "Miika Nevasalo, director of Asia Pacific, Nokia Forum. At the developer Summit of the day, Mary McDowell focused on how Nokia can provide services that meet local needs in different countries and regions, especially in developing regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa. According to her, 14 million people have already opened the Ovi Mailbox, the OVI life Qualcomm has more than 4.7 million users in India, Indonesia and China; a highly localized music service has made Nokia the largest single source of digital music revenue in the Brazilian, Mexican and Indian markets.  , the mobile wallet service, which works with Yes Bank and Obopay in Pune, India, is fully commercially available. And in the developed markets, Nokia is also trying to perfect the Ovi map, music and other applications.  According to reports, Nokia added to the Ovi Map of the world's 85 cities in the subway, tram, train visual effects, and support real-time traffic conditions, navigation, or navigation mode of the security warning, showing parking places, gas stations and speed limit reminders. About the Apple Store and the Google market created a lot of developers of the wealth myth, Nokia also released a series of data on the same day to show that they are not inferior. Nokia said: More than 50 publishers have downloaded more than 1 million, there is a call offscreen application download more than 43 million times.  An application called Fizwoz in the early May into the OVI, now has more than 41,000 people from 167 countries in use, the number of new arrivals per day reached 200 to 300 people. However, people still criticize that Ovi's applications are mostly oldOld apps, and many of the new developers on the iphone and Android are not doing anything on the Ovi. "Many of the best apps on the iphone and Android are developed by Americans and they don't have much of a crush on Symbian," he said. "This is one of the reasons that Ovi can't get enough trendy apps," Wang Lijie.  In China, more and more companies are developing apps for the App Store and Google harsh because Apple and Google allow them to make money right now. Just last month, Nokia announced the official launch of the Ovi Store in China, proposing a localized slogan, one of the most important being the local payments, that is, cooperation with operators. "This is a significant initiative. "Miika Nevasalo told reporters:" Most of the world's application stores, most of the more inclined to pay credit card, but that is not the most efficient way to sell applications. He told reporters that, according to Nokia's data, two-thirds of consumers actually use carrier payments when buying apps, i.e. short messages and WAP payments are the most common ways to buy mobile apps. Miika said that in selling applications, Nokia has not only adopted carrier payment methods, but also committed to more innovative.  Nokia will make use of advertising into a business model, to help development partners in a variety of ways to achieve more substantial profits. At the same time, Nokia is trying to expand Ovi's installed capacity, with the exception of smartphones, which Nokia now allows to install OVI with a S40 operating system. Nokia has a strong position in the low-end non-smartphone sector. "Last year we sold 364 million S30 and S40 phones, 1 million a day," said the manager.  Mary said. Nokia doesn't know the Internet. "Wang Lijie said, Nokia's corporate structure is not the structure of internet companies; it's old-fashioned and inflexible; The Symbian architecture was not designed for mobile internet; Nokia's QT has started to show, but it's always a bit slower than the iphone and Android, and has lost the boss's style.  As the first communication company to move the mobile internet, Nokia got up early but got a late set. "The transformation of mobile Internet is not a company can complete, this is an ecological chain problem."  ANSI says this includes developers, operators. Nokia is trying to attract developers.  Nokia unveiled a series of developer awards at the Developer Summit on September 14, and the first company will get the million dollar investment from Nokia's investment company. "I can see that Nokia is working hard to find and find some good application companies. "Yin Li, vice president of Shenzhen Lecco Electronics technology company, who attended the summit, told reporters that Lecco a health carnival product has been put into the Ovi Store, sales in the European quarter, 35 days to obtain two thousand or three thousand downloads," This is only a tentative cooperation, weStill observing. "  Former kings: Can "intelligence" return? "Nokia's Back!"  "It's not easy for Nokia to practice this lofty manifesto," he said. Many people think that Nokia will gamble on Meego to recover from the end of the high-end smartphone. After all, this is a Linux based operating system.  But it is disappointing that at this meeting, Nokia did not mention Meego. When asked why Nokia did not mention Meego,ansi at the summit, Meego is the next plan.  He told reporters that the Meego program began in 2004, the development needs five stages, each stage needs 18 months, so far, exactly is the release time. Some think Nokia should give up Symbian and put all bets on Meego. But ANSI told reporters that Nokia launched Meego is to transfer the experience of the computer to mobile terminals, and ready to Meego open to other manufacturers.  For Nokia, the smartphone's operating system is still Symbian.  There is also the view that even Meego can not save Nokia. "Meego is a joke.  "Wang Lijie said that Intel lost to arm, Nokia lost to Apple, two mobile internet age lost giants together, the same hatred, no good results." Wang Lijie that a smartphone, the quantity and quality of its applications are critical, and Meego can get the support of hardware vendors is an unknown, developers simply do not have the energy and resources to support an unknown platform, so everyone is watching, "without the support of applications, this mobile phone itself in the mobile Internet area is not popular  , it's a vicious circle. " Some in the industry are more extreme in thinking that Nokia should go to Android. With facts in the cards, Motorola was smart enough to quit Symbian early and take a dive into Android and start to recover. Samsung and LG and other Korean companies are also more flattering, their platform and Android two-pronged, the harvest is quite abundant. "As long as the inside operating system is Android, it means that the vast majority of Android users and Google fans will like it."  "Wang Lijie said. "Android is easy, but it's stupid. When asked if Nokia could use Android,ansi to answer, "If you use Android, the fate will be controlled by Google." A year to launch the product, will soon win the market, but two or three years later, Nokia's fate? In fact, this is also the future of Motorola and Samsung will face problems. "I think Nokia is out of the window. Wang Lijie said, as the handset manufacturer's eldest, the Nokia nature cannot bow to the Android defeat, "but loses the populace the king, sooner or later will step down!" "Nokia also has a board, and people are patient. Wang Lijie concluded that in the next 3-5 years, Nokia would launch an official andRoid mobile phones, after all, Nokia does a good job of hardware. Can Nokia ever return to the position of the king? How can we return to the king?  Only the market can give the right answer. Like any collapse of the dynasty, the old king of the past Nokia, it is also unavoidable to recall how much. At the September 14 developer summit, Shay Eyal, the Israeli software company's Eyal GPS project manager, spent two years developing a software that converts text messages into voice, used in mobile phones for blind people and motorists.  But because Apple and Android-based handsets do not have keyboards, the software is currently available only for Symbian platforms. "We want Nokia to continue to be strong so that we have a market," he said. Shay Eyal told reporters.
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