"Non-interference" male guests paired with unsuccessful marriage ads posted in the ladies ' room

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Love and toilets are two things that don't match at all. But yesterday, there are people in the first city of Chunxi in the ladies ' room found that a handsome man to the pictures of marriage ads into the ladies ' room! The male hero named Wei Wei, 25 years old, Sichuan people, last month had participated in the marriage plan "not sincere don't disturb".  Interviewed by reporters, Wei Wei revealed that the marriage ads posted to the urban mall more than 70 female toilets, there are nearly hundreds of girls through QQ or telephone contact him. Creative new He "break" into the female toilets yesterday 11 o'clock in the morning Xu, the reporter just walked into the first city of Chunxi, the second floor of the women's bathroom, found that the upper left hand wash table is called "not sincere don't disturb" marriage ads. It also has 4 different styles of men photos, and in the ads below the name, occupation, height, telephone and QQ numbers and other personal information, including "can be login Youku, Baidu video Search ' Wei Wei '" To understand the details of the word.  Ads show that the man named Wei Wei, 25 years old this year. Yesterday noon, the reporter contacted the marriage hero Wei Wei, he claimed to be an E-commerce company in Chengdu, the account manager. In late August, the "non-interference" program group came to Chengdu, Wei Wei and colleagues reported the name, to participate in the audition.  He said he had no idea of being seen by the director. At the end of September, as the No. 0926 issue of "non-interference" 5th male guests, Wei Wei to Nanjing to participate in the program recording, the first round of 24 lights all the good results so that he was excited to be on the stage "roll".  But in the friend evaluation link, only a lamp for his light, he refused to light the girl left alone. "To participate in the" non-interference "and advertising, everything is a coincidence. He said, from Nanjing back, the younger brother has been talking about the "non-interference" topic, know that their performance is not good, did not match the success, put forward in the women's toilet to paste the idea of marriage ads. Wei Wei said: "This idea is quite creative, advertising costs thousands of yuan, perhaps found the fate."  "On the eve of the national Day, Wei Wei's marriage ads" rushed into the women's toilets in many shopping malls. The repercussions of nearly hundreds of girls contacted him let Wei Wei didn't think, just seven or eight days, he received nearly hundreds of girls QQ message and SMS. Lin (alias) is one of the applicants. Lin told reporters that they usually like to see "non-interference", a day before the national day, she happened to see this marriage in the bathroom ads, feel very funny, out of curiosity, sent to the other side of the text to confirm the advertisement is really false, "As for the fate, say again!" Wei Wei said, have the courage to call the woman is not a lot, mostly chatting on the QQ or texting.  Every message, Wei Wei reply politely. More controversial he doesn't care what other people think. But Wei Wei's alternative marriage ads attracted a lot of controversy. The people who agree are very creative, "there is something to see on the toilet, more interesting, you can send a message to handsome boy." However, many women think that this is a hype, marriage men are to become famous. "Marriage is a very serious thing, put ads in the ladies ' room, it is not the taste." "AThe woman who was washing his hands looked at the advertisement with disdain, and told the reporter. For the outside world think it wants to be famous accusation, Wei Wei said, from participating in the "non-interference" to paste ads, never wanted to be famous, I just hope to find a person who can hold hands for life. The restroom is also a kind of toilet culture, before in the toilet, often see the wall to keep the phone number, "as long as they feel right on the line, do not care what others see."  "Pushing Hands said:" Just to help him find another half of the interview, the reporter learned that to help Wei Wei to make advertising, is Wei Wei mouth "younger brother", in an advertising media limited. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Ronaldinho. "We are good friends, just want to help him." "Ronaldinho said, Wei Wei work too busy, more than two years did not play friends, just can take advantage of the" non-interference "upsurge, to make something creative, oneself is specialized in toilet ads, just have such a chance and platform, we are young people, the toilet is a novelty and fun. Ronaldinho said that he produced hundreds of ads, mainly posted in the young more places, the purpose is very simple, only to help Wei Wei find the other half. Reporter Chen Photographic report program playback September 26, Sichuan man Wei Wei as the number 5th male guests, appeared in the "not sincere don't disturb" scene. His first impression of the red dress was enthusiastic and steady, and the first round of 24 lights made him very excited.  The growth of Single-parent families in Wei Wei than their peers more mature, high school, university has entrepreneurial experience, after graduation to work in E-commerce companies. The problem is in the risk of a friend's evaluation, Wei Wei's company colleagues, he was emotionally unstable at work, but when the beautiful hr lady comforted him he was able to quickly turn his mood. This makes people wonder if he is interested in MS HR, and the Three principles of "Wei Wei, refusal and responsibility" seem too open to women. After this round of links, only Zhang Chunqun for his light. In the face of the initiative to extend the olive branch of the female guests, Wei Wei unexpectedly chose to refuse, finally left alone.
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