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Tesla founder Musk yesterday in Beijing after the car, Non-stop to Shanghai to participate in the car delivery ceremony.

At the ceremony, the new car was unveiled at the same time as a Super power station with 6 charging piles. Super Power station and is under construction 2000 square meters of Tesla experience center isolating. It is reported that the super charging station used to generate electricity, will be free of charge Tesla car. Another super charging station at Jiading, which includes 6 piles of charge, is also under construction.

Tesla has incorporated a sales, experience, and inventory transfer company in Shanghai. "We don't care about the amount of money we register, but what we care about is later cooperation." "The Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government Golden Bridge management Committee people told the first financial daily reporter," Tesla has signed a memorandum with the People's Government of Pudong New area, the main content is Tesla if the investment in China to build factories, will be preferred to settle in Shanghai Pudong. "

Maskeben in Beijing in Tuesday, said that China is a very important market for Tesla, the next 3-4 years will be achieved in China's production, including the localization of engineering technology.

However Musk future investment in China will depend on Tesla's sales in the Chinese market in the coming years.

Musk's own entrepreneurial experience attracted a lot of fans to buy Tesla. "I've been watching Musk and Tesla, he's my idol." I booked the car last August and I was very happy to mention it today. A Tesla owner told the reporter at the scene.

A number of Tesla owners in the micro-letter on the sun and Musk photo, a car owner even wrote in the micro-trust Friends circle: Buy a Tesla can also give me the admiration of the entrepreneur a handshake and turnkey ceremony, the car is also calculated value.

But there are some potential owners who don't have a cold. April 21, from all over the country to Beijing's 12 rights owners to defend the rights of the Horse. The owners said Tesla had not delivered the car in the "established order", and that some of the late-booking Beijing and Shanghai users had been notified to lift the car, while the others were still waiting for orders earlier. Tesla has now issued a letter to the bar, said that Tesla in the customer's ignorance, the breach of the commitment to unilaterally change the order of delivery, failed to fulfill the obligation to pay the car, constitute a "false commitment", suspected of fraud on consumers.

This is not just the first bad news about the turn of the wheel in China, where Tesla also suffered from the problem of charging piles, and infrastructure such as the National Grid did not catch on Tesla. One owner said that he received a telephone call from the Pudong Power Supply Bureau today, announcing that Tesla could not charge in Shanghai.

This is not the only case of Tesla's acclimatized in China.

If you want to develop better in China, you also need to address the stability of the management team and the trademark challenge, and rethink whether Tesla really does not need to use other dealer networks to increase sales.

According to public information, Tesla in Beijing, Shanghai, will also be in Tianjin and other place to form their own dealer network. In marketing channels, the use of high-end community platform such as Yhouse, a hi car rental and other private test drive and leasing business to allow more potential consumers to experience Tesla.

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