North Land Pharmaceutical shareholders illegally traded company shares again

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NetEase Finance November 22 News North Land Pharmaceutical Industry Monday Evening issued a notice, the company's shareholders Beijing Science and technology again illegally betray the company shares 1.5 million shares, the proceeds of the transaction of 600,000 yuan will be returned to the company. The announcement indicated that the North land pharmaceutical shareholder Beijing Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was disclosed in the evening of November 11 the illegal sale company stock, because to the related transaction policy understanding has the deviation, the Beijing science and technology mistakenly believed can reduce the company by the bulk trade the stock, November 19 through the big transaction to 21.08 Yuan/  Shares sold 1.5 million shares of the company, the act constitutes a short-term transaction, violating the relevant provisions. The North land pharmaceutical Industry said Beijing science and technology promised no longer to buy and sell the company's shares within six months, and that the proceeds of this transaction would be forfeited to the company by 600,000 Yuan.  As of November 22, Beijing Science and Technology held 12.7332 million shares of the company, of which 7.3624 million shares were not lifted the restricted shares. Related reading North Land pharmaceutical shareholders two illegal trading company shares profit of 110,000 yuan from November 1, 2010 onwards, Beijing technology through the accumulation of auction sales company shares 337,500 shares, the average price of 20.90 yuan/share, the highest prices of 21.25 yuan/unit; Due to staff error, November 8, 2010, Beijing Science and technology in the average price of 20.68 yuan/share buy a small number of shares, 2,000 shares, constitute a short-term transaction, and subsequently due to the lack of timely detection of the above operation, November 9, 2010, and the average value of 21.20 yuan/share, the highest prices of 21.38 yuan/share sales company shares 156,100 shares,  Again constitutes a short-term transaction. The North land pharmaceutical Industry said that Beijing Science and technology two acts are in violation of the relevant provisions, two transactions in total income of 110,410 yuan, will be nationalized.
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