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Today, the world has quickly entered the era of mobile interconnection, software development has become the most scarce jobs. According to IDC's statistics, in all software development talent's demand, the Java Engineer's demand achieves the total demand 60%~70%. A senior teacher at the north Wind network says Java engineers pay relatively high salaries. According to these years North wind nets teachers trained students to see, with 3-5 years of experience in the development of engineers, with an annual salary of 100,000 yuan is a very normal pay level. One year working experience the Java Engineer Monthly salary is 8k, the accumulated salary is increasing with the experience.

Java Employment Direction

According to the 2014 University Student Employment Status Survey, this year, a total of 6.99 million of the graduates, in the employment situation is so grim in the present, many graduates will be the year before graduation to choose to learn a technology, the most popular Java development courses by many students hot. But to learn Java, to choose a Java training course, you must understand the relevant information, Java is a general direction, the work content is different, many Java engineers have been accumulated for a long time to more professional areas of development, and with the technical capabilities of the promotion, the direction of technology will be more and more narrow, so, Know in advance which direction is better, go to these direction development, avoid detours.

According to the above situation, the North Wind network senior Java teacher summed up some of the mainstream Java employment, for students to refer to:

Java Internet Direction

Java in the Internet direction of application is very much, of course, this also has more subdivision. More and more IT companies are using Java to develop Internet websites and applications, which increases the demand of Java development engineers. 2013 first-line City Java site Development Engineer treatment has a greater increase, 1 years experience can easily reach 4000-5000, 2-3 years work experience can reach 6000-9000, more breakthrough 10,000.

Android and mobile phone development

At present, the Android development engineer has become one of the hottest jobs in 3G industry, at the beginning of the average salary of 4000 yuan, 1 years working experience of 6000-8000 yuan a month or so, 2-3 years working experience of the monthly salary can easily broken million. 2015 Android Market share will reach 45.4%, becoming the world's largest smartphone operating system. In the last two years, Android training has been a hit.

Java Application Direction

At present, Java in many industries in the application of enterprise information is very much, such as OA, Mailbox, Stock, finance, examination, logistics, medical, mining and other information systems. This direction is closely related to the industry, so this is an empirical development direction. Java developers are also very demanding in this regard, the treatment is very good, wages and the direction of the Java Internet almost, it is easy to employment in some large enterprises.

Java Outsourcing Direction

Outsourcing may do is a website, it may also be an information system, or an intelligent system of clients and so on. Outsourcing may do any work, relative to a large outsourcing project, may need to use a variety of technologies, Java is just one of them. The work of outsourcing pay attention to speed, need more strong communication and problem-solving ability, the treatment is quite good.

The related courses are based on Java-EE framework +ajax technology + design mode +jbpm+oracle system transplant SAFERP System (Basic module + Sales management System) based on Java real--real--business online shopping system to develop a shopping cart with Android client ( Jfreechart3d) BF-TECH-J2EE series The first stage: Java language Basics and OOP introduction (Knight Flight Chess, Access control system)

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