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These days a friend asked me, he did not want to work on their own independent to do the site, because now he relies on the site's income is far greater than his salary, I did not directly tell him whether to continue to work or go back to their own independent entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a very happy word, but not everyone is suitable for this industry, Especially the website webmaster this piece, because there are too many factors in the instability, that even if you earn 100,000 this month, but you can not guarantee that you will be able to earn the next one months enough this number. Perhaps this is also many amateur stationmaster's helpless, toward the morning and evening five to work, one months in return for only their own one months of daily expenses, amateur artificial web site is also the line is your salary for several months, so there are many people have this idea of whether they continue to work or full-time online business to do the station! In fact, not every stationmaster is suitable for independent to start a business! At least 10 kinds of stationmaster are not suitable for starting a business.

One: do garbage station webmaster. No matter how much you earn in a month, but once you devote yourself to these so-called garbage stations, become all of your career, it is quite dangerous, what is rubbish station, I do not say here, do not understand the to check. Entrepreneurship is measured not just by the money but by the model. Garbage station is like the floating leaves in the sky, he can not grasp his fate, only let the wind take him to any corner.

Second: There is no economic base of the webmaster. This stationmaster to start a business only depend on you these two months earn of that point advertisement fee is far from enough, anything has both sides, on achievement has defeated.

Third: the lack of professional awareness of the webmaster. Professional consciousness is people's identity to the occupation, it can arouse people's vigor and creativity to the maximum, and is the prerequisite of devotion to work. And for the stationmaster is if alone to start a business, the website department is only your amateur to earn extra money tool, but your whole life in pursuit of all, and some stationmaster lacks this profession consciousness, this and the intense competition environment is not suitable.

Four: Superior superiority of the webmaster. Self-Reliance is high, it is difficult to merge with the collective. Entrepreneurship is no longer a person, is the need for a team to cooperate and coordinate.

Five: But also easy to complacent self-sufficiency webmaster people. A little harvest, ecstatic, slightly frustrated, depressed, emotional ups and downs, very uneven. The internet is a place where all the changes are instantaneous.

Six: No clear and long-term profit model webmaster, relying on a moment of luck and those several advertising fees can not support you this "entrepreneurial" the two words of the façade. Entrepreneurship is not only a matter of passion, but a time when reason and passion coexist. Or you'll end up going back to where you left off!

Seven: one-sided and arrogant webmaster. Some webmaster only pay attention to the shortcomings of others, do not see the advantages of others, some people always like to belittle others, elevate themselves, always think that they are the strongest, personality has a great defect. Not only do you become a webmaster to start a business, even do anything is not appropriate.

Eight: At work will only say "yes" webmaster. This stationmaster lacks independence, initiative and creativity. Doing a website will only follow someone else's butt, if independent entrepreneurship, also can only be conservative, difficult to carry out pioneering projects, such as now dolls opportunity to do a certain key word, make some money but if this lost, it is difficult to quickly rise, this webmaster in the independent venture on the long-term development of the company is unfavorable.

Nine: Rigid rigid webmaster. Lack of flexibility in doing things, the idea is not open, the pace of the internet too fast too fast, everything should be adjusted according to current events, everything is based on empirical dogma to deal with not flexible response, accustomed to the practice as the golden rule of stationmaster leaves not suitable for independent entrepreneurship, not suitable to do the boss.

Of course, the above nine points is not absolute, and is not completely correct, but do not as a reference to judge the standard, all things in the world, is not immutable. As some sociologists say, the character can be transformed, and any one can completely in practice to overcome the character defects, overcome the shortcomings of personality, change the type of personality, and constantly enrich and perfect themselves. So as our personal webmaster can be so, if you have more than a few points but you have set foot on the road to entrepreneurship, then you need to learn to reuse talent, with the help of others wisdom to make up for personal deficiencies, to avoid failure. (Text/Broken heart reproduced please specify thank you!)

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